8 Best Google Ads Agencies in Thailand 2023

8 Best Google Ads Agencies in Thailand 2023

Boost your company to achieve business goals

Digital marketing is one of the best ways for business owner that wants to sell any products or services on an online platform to achieve goals and gain revenue.

Google Ads has undoubtedly become a popular tool for online marketing as it helps consumers, the main target group, perceive what we want to present. 

Advertising on Google search is an effective method for increase your brand's presence on Google's search results pages. Unlike search engine optimisation which can take months to see results, your ad can be live within a day. Being at the top above the organic results on Google can lead to more traffic to your website.

Unpleasant results caused by self-learning Google ads 

Some business owners who want to beat their marketing goals may encounter issues and gain unpleasant outcomes as they are using Google Ads tools from self-learning. Let’s look:

  • Failed budget allocation causes the cost of Google Ads to be higher than expected. 
  • Targeted Keywords are too competitive because these keywords are highly searched or not specific enough.
  • Vague purpose in using Google Ads causes the result to not reach the goal.
  • Landing Page not matching with Google Ads causes the results to not reach the goal. 
  • Spending high CPC (Cost Per Click) yet the targeted keyword is not ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

As mentioned above, these are issues that cannot be avoided in using Google Ads and always obstruct marketing strategies to reach their goal. Seeking the best Google Ads agency in Thailand that is expert in digital marketing can ease these issues, including achieve the business goals and gaining more revenue from the online market world.

8 best Google Ads agencies in Thailand that we recommend

1. Minimice Group

Minimice Group is one of the best Google Ads agencies that we proudly recommend. They are expert in Google Ads and focus on explicitness as well as quality results. To achieve client goals, Minimice Group Agency works with a specialist team willing to help clients with every process, starting from strategic planning advice, digital marketing plan suggestions, and support in many aspects such as business analysis and website analysis. 

Plus suggesting how to choose targeted keywords to achieve the strategy, increasing the AB Test Landing Page conversion rate for each campaign, and presenting a Real-Time Performance Dashboard which effectively reposts monthly performance to clients. If you are searching for an agency, this is a talented one.

Contact Information

Tel. : 064-991-5549

Line Official : @minimicegroup 

Email : info@minimicegroup.co.th 

Website : www.minimicegroup.co.th 

2. Glow Digital 

Glow Digital is a Google Ads agency that specialises in creating high-quality ads to help businesses increase their sales by reaching their target audience on Google pages. With an experienced team, they create quality campaigns worthy of investment and support their clients to achieve their business goal. 

Contact Information

Tel. : 02-096-2325

Line Official : @glowdigitalth

Email : sayhi@glow-digital.com

3. TBS Marketing

TBS Marketing is an agency offering a variety of online marketing tools, including Google Ads. Clients can rely on their accurate record keeping as their working team has high experience of online marketing and will create organic impression and conversion. Plus, their clients get real-time access to the necessary data for using Google Ads or any online marketing tools.

Contact Information

Tel. : 027-178-124

Line Official : @tbs-marketing

Email : info@tbs-marketing.com

4. M-Creation Agency

M-Creation Agency provides online marketing services including Google Ads and additional services that help businesses reach their goals faster. The experienced working team is willing to help their clients achieve success for the growth of their business, and evaluate and accurately report the results from the advertising campaigns to their clients.

Contact Information

Tel. : 095-887-9990

Line Official : @maba

Email : info@m-creation.co

5. Digital Base

One of the best Google Ads agencies we have seen, Digital Base is expert in highly effective online marketing strategies. Their modus operandi is to give clients advice and suggest ways to solve issues throughout the process.

With their 10 years of experience, Digital Base is another Google Ads agency that can definitely be trusted by those who are seeking an agency to take care of their Google Ads and online marketing.

Contact Information

Tel. : 020-263-664

Line Official : @digitalbase

Email : hello@digitalbase.co.th 

6. Cache Digital

Cache Digital is a results-driven Google Ads agency and marketing company. With its experienced and expert digital marketers, the agency is eager to help clients’ achieve their marketing plan goals. Your business can drive more traffic, conversion and revenue by working with their specialists and taking advantage of their full service to achieve the best quality results.

Contact Information

Tel. : 095-189-0790

Line Official : @cachedigital

Email : -

7. Spyder Agency

Transparency is the key to doing Google Ads with Spyder Agency. Among the best Google Ads agencies, Spyder Agency raises the importance of transparency in data access along with budget allocation planning as well as progress reports to ensure their clients quality outcomes for each process. Moreover, no plan or strategy will proceed without the client’s approval or acknowledgement. Spyder Agency is eager to give advice for any issues found during Google Ads or any digital marketing process, and is a reliable choice for those who are seeking for Google Ads agency.

Contact Information

Tel. : 099-287-5566

Line Official : -

Email : contact@spyder.co.th

8. iPlan Digital 

iPlan Digital is a one-stop agency offering digital marketing, online marketing, website development, SEO and Google Ads services. They understands the nature of Google Ads and are willing to give advice to clients from the beginning to the final process. With their strategy planning and marketing campaign launches, they carefully plan and are able to ensure that clients achieve their business goals. 

Contact Information

Tel. : 089-9876-444

Line Official : -

Email : hello@iplandigital.com


In the race to catch up with changes in customer behaviours and ways of communicating, using Google Ads properly with understanding of the target group will help business owners reach their goals faster. On the other hand, using Google Ads without proper understanding would make the strategy more likely to fail than be successful. To avoid a negative outcome, seeking the best Google Ads Agency with experience and technical knowledge can solve the issues, and ensure better performance, higher return on investment, and time and resources savings.

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