Brighton College Bangkok seniors explore options in England

Brighton College Bangkok seniors explore options in England

Year 12 pupils experience Brighton College UK, Cambridge and Imperial College universities, and so much more

Brighton College Bangkok’s Year 12 pupils took advantage of the unique opportunity to visit the United Kingdom as part of their academic curriculum.

The pupils all made the 6,000 mile journey to Brighton UK this term, where they had a fantastic week of university visits – including touring Cambridge University and Imperial College – academic talks and lessons at Brighton College UK and cultural trips to London. 

The pupils were exceptional throughout the trip and were a credit to the school. This was fully demonstrated when they confidently made firm friends at Brighton College UK. During this experience they were able to shadow a UK pupil within their peer group, learning and discussing the similarities and differences of studying in a UK school, as well as participating in valuable tutorials, in support of their preparation for the university application process ahead.

The pupils were especially fortunate to visit two prestigious UK universities: Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge. Pupils were exemplary and asked insightful questions during their campus tours. They were also able to explore London and Cambridge, as well as Brighton, and it was clear that they thoroughly enjoyed British cuisine.

Student’s voice

'The 2023 trip was an amazing experience for us to learn about the diverse cultures that reside in the UK.' – Magga (Year 12).

'Not only did it give me great insight on university life but it also allowed me to bond with my peers.' – T.A (Year 12).

'I really enjoyed immersing myself in British culture – especially the food!' – Emma (Year 12).

'It was a memorable and fun experience traveling to the UK, as it was for the first time in my life. I was able to make friends, including my new buddy from Brighton College UK. The best part was the ice cream at Brighton Pier and the chilly weather that I could never experience in Thailand.' – Summer (Year 12).

The purpose of the trip is to give pupils a flavour of life in the UK and to get a feel for what a UK university would be like. They received great tours of two of the most prestigious universities in the UK, Cambridge and Imperial College. Pupils were shown lecture rooms, student accommodation and had the opportunity to ask questions to admissions officers as well as current students. 

The pupils also had the chance to spend two wonderful days at Brighton College in the UK. This included having breakfast with the boarding pupils, sitting in lessons of the subjects that they study in Bangkok, taking part in a critical thinking skills session as well as practicing university interviews. Most importantly, they made genuine friendships with their UK peers or “buddies”. They realised that once they become an Old Brightonian upon their graduation, they have connections for life.

The trip was a wonderful experience for all involved. Despite the cold UK weather, pupils fully embraced Brighton, Cambridge, London, and British culture (especially the food) and demonstrated a determination to throw themselves into every aspect of the visit. They were superb ambassadors for the College and it was no surprise that we received some extremely positive feedback from our hosts at Brighton College, our accommodation provider and from Imperial College and Cambridge.

Mrs Peat, Mr Hogg and I would like to thank the pupils for being fantastic company and for their part in making the trip so truly memorable.

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