mu Space and OneWeb deal to support LEO solutions in SEA

mu Space and OneWeb deal to support LEO solutions in SEA

An exclusive multi-million dollar deal between mu Space and OneWeb supports Low Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity solutions in mainland Southeast Asia

mu Space an aerospace manufacturer and satellite internet service provider based in Southeast Asia, and OneWeb a Low Earth Orbit satellite communications company have signed an exclusive deal to provide OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity solutions across mainland Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia.

mu Space will be the one and only partner for OneWeb in mainland Southeast Asia and will be the sole distributor of a wide range of services to each sector, including government, telecommunications, aviation, maritime, land vehicle, backhauling and healthcare, to support customer need for connecting remote communities in the region. This agreement will help remote locations get internet connectivity and ultimately help their everyday lives. Remote monitoring of natural disasters like forest fires is just one life saving example that remote communities can gain through this agreement. Additionally, remote education and healthcare are other possible use cases for the advanced connectivity offered by mu Space and OneWeb.

The deal could see an estimated revenue of $100 million, or 3 billion baht, in the first six years of serving the Mainland Southeast Asia region. After the six years, mu Space has the right to extend the deal. OneWeb will have 648 satellites launched to space by the second quarter of this year. With trends further showing future next-generation satellite launches will only increase in the future, ultimately this deal could be worth three times as much the first 6 years, or around 10 billion baht.

Being pioneers in the space industry in their region, Southeast Asia, mu Space aims to connect the region to the rest of the world through space technologies and products that benefit the industry while promoting economic growth. With dedication and leadership, mu Space is committed to making a real impact through its innovations, and in changing the future of the space industry in Southeast Asia and beyond.

mu Space founder, CEO and CTO, James Yenbamroong, had the following to say about this exclusive deal: “We are excited to announce this exclusive partnership as it signifies our strong and excellent relationship with OneWeb. The expansion of broadband internet connectivity to remote areas that lack connections is highly crucial and we’re glad to be part of making this possible through space and ground technologies. Our expertise and knowledge of our region, as well as innovative technology, enable mu Space to tailor solutions to provide an ideal supplement to each sector in each nation. Finally, on behalf of mu Space, I would like to express how proud we are to be a part of this innovation that will have a great influence and benefit our region."

Neil Masterson, CEO, OneWeb, commented: “The last few years have shown us that remote internet connectivity is both exciting and vital across sectors such as enterprise, education, health and government. We are excited to partner with such a dynamic company, that is so well aligned to our goals, to further our reach across Southeast Asia and connect even more communities and enterprises. This international partnership marks another significant milestone for OneWeb as we look towards activating full global coverage later this year.”

The partnership is expected to have a positive impact on the space economy in Southeast Asia. Above all, it will help remote communities gain access to internet connectivity and improve their

daily lives. mu Space and OneWeb are excited with the deal and the opportunity to improve lives using technology.

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