New record fastest premium shot extraction in Thailand set, 270 cups in 30 minutes
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New record fastest premium shot extraction in Thailand set, 270 cups in 30 minutes

Leva Contest Speed Thailand 2023 winners bag return tickets to Italy!

Boncafe (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the leader in comprehensive coffee solutions, affirms its vision of highlighting skills development for baristas to reach global standards by launching the Leva Contest Speed Thailand 2023, originally from Italy and now licensed in Thailand.

The competition, designed to find Thailand's best extraction time for the perfect espresso shot, is held in teams of two, using the Italian coffee machine, La San Marco model Leva 20/20. The lever system, powered by LEVA Class® technology, exclusively copyrighted by La San Marco, features controlled lever anti-shock systems designed to increase safety and convenience for baristas.

Each participating team is required to extract the espresso shot quickly while maintaining premium quality, using Vietnamese Fine Robusta coffee sponsored by Espresso Academy.

The contest took place at the Coffee'Cation x Surf Edition event at La Vela Khao Lak in Phang-nga, with complimentary flights provided by Bangkok Airways. The competition rules and regulations were adapted from the Leva Contest Speed 2022 in Italy to raise coffee-making standards in Thailand. The esteemed panel of judges, led by Francesco Contanzo, the 2019 world record champion who achieved the fastest extraction rate of 703 cups in 1 hour, was accompanied by Yupaporn Songsathapornjarern, Thailand's remarkable coffee guru.

The 2023 winners were announced as the Sara Cafe’ team, comprised of Somporn Korawat and Suppasan Sarapol, who achieved Thailand’s fastest extraction rate of 270 cups in 30 minutes, and won a trip to the Host Milano 2023 event, with air flights sponsored by Boncafe (Thailand) and La San Marco. They also received a 3-day 2-night Pool Access accommodation at La Vela Khao Lak, and a certificate. The first runner-up to the third runner-up were also given prizes of 2-night accommodations from the La Flora Group, valued at 340,000 baht.

Stay tuned and follow the two winners to the special fun event at Host Milano 2023, the world's largest festive food business and coffee solutions exhibition, and enjoy the flavorful coffee tasting event in Milan, Italy, in October on the Facebook Fanpage: La San Marco Thailand.

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