Prime Time for Pedagogy

Prime Time for Pedagogy

As MAXHUB transforms classrooms into cyber-savvy school studios, learners and teachers are getting switched-on to their subjects like never before.

In the fast-evolving landscape of education, traditional teaching methods are giving way to a more dynamic and interactive approach, thanks to the advent of technology.

MAXHUB, a leading provider of audio-visual solutions, is at the forefront of this transformative movement, revolutionising the way classrooms operate and empowering both students and teachers.

The global pandemic may have expedited the shift towards online and multimedia learning, but it is not just a temporary solution. As schools and universities invested in equipping instructors with cameras, headsets, laptops, and lighting during the pandemic, the advantages of audio-visual utilisation became glaringly apparent. Returning to traditional methods such as chalkboards or film projectors became impractical.

The invasion of digital media in the form of audio and video has become an integral part of young people's lives, making the transition to interactive, online, and in-person learning inevitable and urgent.

Studies have shown that advanced audio-visual technology in the classroom boosts attentiveness, participation, and overall behaviour. Moreover, it helps reduce teacher absenteeism and vocal fatigue.

Meanwhile, the global education market is projected to invest a staggering $27.6 billion in AV products and services by 2025. MAXHUB recognises this trend and leverages audio-visual technology to enhance the quality of students' learning experiences, including for those unable to attend physical classrooms.

While the education sector grapples with outdated technological infrastructure, MAXHUB's comprehensive portfolio of smart Interactive Displays, high-quality UC products, all-in-one LED screens, and eye-catching Commercial Displays provide seamless solutions. Challenges such as insufficient bandwidth, limited IT support, and outdated software are simply brushed aside by MAXHUB's screens and software.

Contrary to concerns about decreased engagement and motivation in digital learning environments, MAXHUB preserves and enhances the interactive and social aspects of traditional classrooms. The personalised and engrossing nature of MAXHUB's digital learning environments actually foster deeper student interest, connection, and community.

As an innovation-driven team, MAXHUB is dedicated to developing collaboration solutions. With MAXHUB, teachers can instantly visualise their ideas and concepts, allowing even distant learners to feel as if they were physically present in the classroom.

As recorded video lectures and tutorials are increasingly being used by teachers to support personalised learning, MAXHUB's senseless automatic classroom recording feature enables the saving and sharing of high-quality classroom teaching resource videos.

In class, MAXHUB's solutions, such as the MAXHUB Smart Blackboard, augment the production quality and enable better learning experiences through enhanced visuals, sound capture, and speed. With its innovative features, MAXHUB Whiteboard recognises hand-drawn shapes and offers multiple illustration options. It automatically straightens up hand-drawn shapes, draws tables with auto-adaptive height and width in each cell, and even provides stickers for adding reminders.

MAXHUB's IR touch technology ensures a natural writing experience, closely resembling pen-to-paper interaction. The lower writing height further enhances this experience, creating a truly immersive and paper-like feel.

Recognising that over half of all students are visual learners, education should incorporate more video and visual content into classes. Visual aids have been proven to significantly improve students' learning experiences, aligning with their familiarity with social media platforms. Visual content aids information recall and comprehension, facilitating the learning process by linking new topics to previous ones seamlessly.

Teachers can leverage MAXHUB's audio-visual solutions to create engaging presentations enriched with multimedia elements like videos, images, and sound effects. This dynamic presentation format captures students' attention, reinforces key concepts, and facilitates better comprehension.

Students can embark on virtual field trips to museums, historical sites, and scientific laboratories. Through immersive videos, 360-degree images, and interactive elements, students can explore these locations in detail, enhancing their understanding and engagement with the subject matter.

Students can utilise audio-visual tools to create their own multimedia projects such as videos, podcasts, or presentations, which can be displayed and shared in class. Bridging the divide, MAXHUB equipment includes USB Type-C ports, allowing for seamless connectivity to laptops. This enables the projection of the laptop's screen onto the MAXHUB display while playing sound with reverse touch control.

MAXHUB's Creative Acoustics ensure that sound waves go directly to the participants, increasing power by 14% with 2.1 stereo sound. Enhanced A&V Capacity guarantees unprecedented clarity in camera visuals, even when zooming in on the speaker. The camera operates automatically by utilising pattern recognition and voice localisation algorithms to locate each speaker accurately.

The bottom line: MAXHUB's audio-visual solutions provide a seamless and immersive learning environment. From the natural writing experience and lifelike presentations to precise voice localisation and enhanced performance, MAXHUB continues to push the boundaries of audio-visual technology, empowering educators and students with innovative tools for effective communication and collaboration.

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