Megabangna Joins Forces with Volvo Car Thailand to Celebrate Pride Month with "MEGA PRIDE: THE RAINBOW PANORAMA"
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Megabangna Joins Forces with Volvo Car Thailand to Celebrate Pride Month with "MEGA PRIDE: THE RAINBOW PANORAMA"

Megabangna has partnered with Volvo Car Thailand to organise the "MEGA PRIDE: THE RAINBOW PANORAMA" campaign, a celebration of the special pride month festival and a call to embrace gender diversity and equality in society.

The event showcases a magnificent rainbow-colored landmark installation art, symbolising inclusivity and providing a welcoming space for all. Additionally, Megabangna has launched a campaign throughout June, offering special privileges and exciting prizes to encourage spending and engage participants in the festivities.

Palinee Kongchansiri, President of Megabangna Shopping Centre and Megacity, stated, "MEGA PRIDE: THE RAINBOW PANORAMA is yet another initiative that exemplifies Megabangna's commitment to being a shopping centre that warmly embraces and caters to the diverse needs of all individuals—regardless of gender, age, or lifestyle. Our fundamental principle of 'WE CREATE A BETTER EVERYDAY LIFE FOR THE MANY PEOPLE' extends not only to our client-oriented activities but also within our own organisation, where we celebrate the diversity of our employees at every level, providing them with equal opportunities to showcase their potential and express their opinions freely. We firmly believe that by promoting and respecting the rights and voices of our employees, particularly those who identify as LGBTQIAN+, we will continue to drive creativity and develop campaigns and initiatives that deliver an enhanced customer experience across all aspects."

Megabangna has joined forces with Volvo Car Thailand, a globally renowned organisation promoting gender diversity and human equality, to bring forth the MEGA PRIDE: THE RAINBOW PANORAMA campaign. This collaborative event, centred on the theme "EMBRACE DIVERSITY, EXPAND YOUR SPECTRUM”, showcases an impressive installation art exhibition featuring a prominent rainbow landmark at the main entrance. Symbolising the LGBTQIAN+ community, this installation incorporates a mirror, reflecting the profound values of people, equality, acceptance, uniqueness, and freedom. Its purpose is to encourage and inspire individuals to express their creativity in their own unique way.

Furthermore, exciting activities are scheduled every Saturday and Sunday throughout June, exclusively for Mega Smile Rewards members. By making a purchase of 3,000 baht or more in a single receipt, members have the opportunity to participate in these activities free of charge and stand a chance to win enticing prizes. These prizes include IMAX movie tickets from MEGA CINEPLEX, MEGA PRIDE TATTOO, STORSTOMMA bags from IKEA, MEGA PRIDE LOLLIPOP, MEGA PRIDE ICE CREAM, and MEGA PRIDE inhalers.

Chris Wailes, Managing Director of Volvo Car Thailand, expressed his enthusiasm for the MEGA PRIDE: THE RAINBOW PANORAMA campaign, stating, "Volvo Cars is proud to showcase the specially decorated Volvo C40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC model at the event, as a tribute to diversity, inclusivity, and the promotion of self-expression during pride month. We firmly believe that everyone should have the freedom to express themselves fully, and we stand in support of the LGBTQIAN+ community in Thailand."

In addition to the pride month-themed Volvo car, Volvo Car Thailand has arranged a special activity at Megabangna from 9th to 18th June in the Mega Plaza Zone. This activity will feature the display of popular Volvo models, including the VOLVO C40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC—a crossover coupe that enables 100% electric driving—and the VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC—an electric SUV. Additionally, the event will showcase the ever-popular RECHARGE PLUG-IN HYBRID models, such as VOLVO XC40, V60, S90, XC60, and XC90, with exclusive offers available for new car bookings.

Celebrate pride month and enjoy engaging activities at MEGA PRIDE: THE RAINBOW PANORAMA, taking place from 1st to 30th June at Megabangna. For further details regarding the activities and special privileges offered to Mega Smile Rewards members, please visit the Megabangna application or WWW.MEGA-BANGNA.COM.

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