Catalan Meets Spanish: A Culinary Fusion

Catalan Meets Spanish: A Culinary Fusion

Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine at Park Hyatt Bangkok creates a culinary masterpiece

Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine at Park Hyatt Hotel Bangkok recently hosted a spectacular two-day culinary event, bringing together the talents of Chef Ferran Tadeo and Chef Antonio Oviedo of Agora Hong Kong. This unique collaboration resulted in a remarkable fusion of Catalan and Spanish cuisines.

The event featured an indulgent 8-course, 14-dish set menu, expertly paired with exquisite wines. Chef Antonio Oviedo, renowned for his innovative Spanish gastronomy, added his wealth of experience from Michelin-starred restaurants to the mix.

The collaboration between Chefs Ferran and Antonio brought an extraordinary showcase of culinary expertise to Bangkok, resulting in a memorable gastronomic journey.

The culinary adventure commenced with an amuse-bouche, setting the tone for the evening. A pool of robust and spicy Arbequina 100% extra virgin olive oil cradled pa de pages, the quintessential Catalan artisanal bread. Accompanying this delight was the "olive bon bon,” an intriguing creation that resembled a large green olive but delivered the delightful surprise of a kind of extra virgin olive oil liqueur chocolate.

The menu continued to dazzle with dishes like "PAN" – Coca De Aceite and "Eriz" Escabeche featuring Hokkaido uni. Diners were treated to the flavors of "Bunuelo" with morcilla and quisquilla, followed by "Brandada,” a creamy codfish mousse paired with Spanish churro, a tempting treat dusted with cinnamon and garnished with chive, tomato, and olive.

"Bikini" was a filo pastry masterpiece adorned with exquisite comte cheese from Spain and crowned with 100% ibérico de bellota aged for 36 months—a symphony of flavours including mozzarella, sausage, and a delightful blueberry cream topping.

The culinary maestros at Embassy Room were flexible, allowing guests to customise their dining experience such as by substituting pork with a savory mushroom and parmesan cheese confection.

The journey continued with a Gazpacho featuring sweet red Spanish prawn, tomato, and cherries, with each ingredient pre-presented at the table.

"Salpicon” showcased soft lobster with sherry vinegar and bottarga, a delicacy of salted, cured fish roe in a pouch. Ventresca followed, presenting exquisitely marbled Spanish Ottoro tuna belly served on smoky grilled eggplant and garnished with the finest caviar, accompanied by garum, a Spanish fermented fish sauce introduced in its raw form—an intriguing contrast to Thai fish sauce, nam pla.

Other highlights included "Vieira" with potato, cabbage, and pork belly, "Lubina" seabass with pil pil (a sauce made with garlic and chilli infused in hot olive oil), sweet tear-drop pea sauce, and emerald green cucumber puree. A Hokkaido scallop dish featured gnocchi with pork belly, cabbage, mashed potato, clam sauce, and garlic oil. "Mar I Muntanya" delighted guests with langoustine tartar paired with roasted chicken boasting crispy skin, rich pâté, and potato filos.

The grand finale featured two delectable desserts: "Ortxata,” featuring almond, apricot kernels, and sorbet, accompanied by "fartons,” a chewy iced almond bun. Diners concluded the evening with "Flan,” a crème caramel masterpiece with coconut crisp, longan, and powdered fresh orange.

Wine enthusiasts were treated to formal introductions of the accompanying wines, while non-drinkers enjoyed an array of equally irresistible mocktails.

The Embassy Room's Four Hands Dinner was a resounding success, drawing a well-attended crowd and solidifying its reputation for culinary virtuosity that satisfies all the senses.

Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine at Park Hyatt Hotel Bangkok, where culinary artistry meets luxury, promises to continue delighting food aficionados with its innovative and unforgettable dining experiences. If you missed this exceptional event, remember that Embassy Room remains a beacon of culinary excellence in the heart of Bangkok.

To reserve a seat at Embassy Room – Catalan Cuisine, please email or call +66 2011 7431.

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