St. Andrews Thailand Marks 5th Global Be Well Day

St. Andrews Thailand Marks 5th Global Be Well Day

St. Andrews International Schools in Thailand will participate in the 5th annual Global Be Well Day, alongside 85,000 students worldwide, emphasising the significance of wellbeing in education, with a particular focus on "Digital Wellbeing" in today's digital age.

Students at St. Andrews International Schools, Thailand will join over 85,000 young people around the world on Friday, 29th September 2023, to draw attention to the vital role of wellbeing in education. This being the 5th anniversary of the global event, symbolises our continued commitment to the wellbeing of all in our school community.

St. Andrews International Schools, Thailand will collapse the curriculum for the entirety of Global Be Well Day, a worldwide event led by Cognita, the family of over 100 schools of which St. Andrews International Schools, Thailand is a member.   

“Our school in Thailand focuses on wellbeing all year round, but by joining together with school communities in 16 different countries around the world on this day in September, we celebrate our collective commitment to wellbeing,” shares Charasphan Chamsai, Managing Director, St. Andrews International Schools, Thailand.

Now in its fifth year, Global Be Well Day showcases a wide array of activities and events centred around Cognita's Be Well Charter. At St. Andrews International Schools, Thailand, our vibrant community of students, parents, and employees will adopt a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of the Physical and Mental contributors to wellbeing outlined in the Cognita Be Well Charter.

“In today’s world of constant digital connectivity, it is important to develop good digital habits. This year’s theme of "Digital Wellbeing" focuses on fostering a conscious and intentional approach to our digital lives. This is a key aspect impacting our physical and mental wellbeing as technology continues to play a central role in our ever changing world. We are excited to focus on this important topic at our St. Andrew’s International schools in Thailand this Global Be Well day,” shares Sameer Aggarwal, CEO Asia, Cognita Schools.

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