Unisus Green Energy Revolutionises Sustainable Real Estate

Unisus Green Energy Revolutionises Sustainable Real Estate

Unisus Green Energy pioneers eco-friendly district utility systems, transforming real estate sustainability.

The new company aims to accelerate greener real estate development with two innovative
The new company aims to accelerate greener real estate development with two innovative "district utility systems" that reduce costs and combat climate change.

Unisus Green Energy Company Limited (Unisus Green Energy), Thailand's pioneering expert in private district utility design and implementation, has officially made its debut. This new venture brings together three major players in the real estate, engineering, and energy sectors: Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), EEC Engineering Network, and B.Grimm. Their goal is to revolutionise the real estate industry by applying their expertise in designing and implementing "district utility systems" for a more sustainable future.

Unisus Green Energy offers two innovative solutions: a "district cooling system (DCS)" and a "district drinking water system (DDWS)." These systems are designed to help property developers reduce costs, lower energy consumption, enhance residents' quality of life, and contribute to a greener world. Both system simulation models are currently on display for the first time at the "Nova BUILD EXPO 2023," an exhibition showcasing modern building innovations at BITEC Bangna.

Mr. Kecha Thirakomen, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Unisus Green Energy Co., Ltd., stated, "Unisus Green Energy's mission is to provide 'Sustainovation,' focusing on the development and management of utility systems. In recent years, the urgency of the climate crisis has become increasingly evident. To contribute to a more sustainable and liveable world, our innovations must drive real change. This change should manifest in waste reduction, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and more efficient energy usage. Unisus Green Energy recognises the potential of district utility systems, particularly in the context of real estate and mixed-use buildings with a significant number of residents. These systems offer efficient and environmentally friendly water and energy solutions. While this concept may still be relatively new in the Thai real estate industry, many countries worldwide have already embraced it. These systems not only conserve resources among residents but also provide significant cost savings for projects. We are prepared to design and implement two key solutions for private project developers: the district cooling system and the district drinking water system. We are confident that both systems will tangibly contribute to people's well-being and environmental sustainability."

The district cooling system (DCS) is an innovative approach that utilises chilled water to cool every building within a project. Chilled water is produced at a central utility plant (CUP) and distributed through a network of pipes. The chilled water is then directed to an energy transfer station (ETS) to provide cooling to air-conditioning units within each building. This system reduces the need for individual refrigerant usage, employs an eco-friendly refrigerant, and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions reduction. It also frees up usable space, reduces heat, and minimises noise on balconies. Cooling energy costs are calculated based on actual consumption via a smart meter, allowing residents to monitor their usage in real-time using smartphones.

The district drinking water system (DDWS), developed by Unisus Green Energy, offers residents access to fresh and clean water directly from the taps in their private rooms. It includes a drinking water plant, a distribution network, and a smart water faucet with UV sterilisation to ensure water quality. The system meets international standards for water quality and significantly reduces plastic waste from bottled water purchases and filter replacements. Like the cooling system, charges for drinking water are based on actual usage tracked via a smart meter, enabling residents to monitor their consumption in real-time through smartphones.

Mr. Kamol Tanpipat, Chief Executive Officer of Unisus Green Energy Co., Ltd., added, "Unisus Green Energy, as an expert in private district utility design and implementation in Thailand, offers a comprehensive one-stop solution covering the entire utility system lifecycle. Our services encompass initial design, development, planning, construction, engineering, and long-term system maintenance. We aim to meet the needs of project developers while promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle and contributing to a sustainable society. We are currently collaborating with 'The Forestias by MQDC,' Thailand's largest development project, to implement district utility systems for drinking water and cooling—a pioneering effort in Thailand's private projects. Additionally, we are implementing a district cooling system for Cloud 11, another significant mixed-use project on Sukhumvit Road."

Unisus Green Energy is committed to creating new values for the real estate sector through innovations for a better tomorrow. Their goal is to lead the way in district utility systems across Asia's real estate landscape, actively reducing carbon emissions and driving carbon-negative initiatives.

Experience Unisus Green Energy's central utility plant model, smart faucet model, and smart city model for the first time at Nova BUILD EXPO 2023. Visit their booth S08 at BITEC Hall EH 103-104 from September 13 to 15 to witness these exciting innovations in action.

For more information about Unisus Green Energy and its solutions for better living, please visit www.unisusgreenenergy.com.

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