Powering Thailand's Ascent: Fi Asia & Vitafoods Asia 2023
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Powering Thailand's Ascent: Fi Asia & Vitafoods Asia 2023

In a bid to transform Thailand into Asia's premier health hub, Informa Markets proudly presents two significant events: "Food Ingredients Asia 2023" and "Vitafoods Asia 2023," running from September 20-22!

The moment has arrived to unveil the future! Informa Markets (Thailand) is rallying over 1,000 local and international entrepreneurs in food ingredients from more than 45 countries worldwide to converge at "Fi Asia 2023" (Food Ingredients Asia 2023). Additionally, over 460 providers of dietary supplements and functional ingredients from 40 countries are joining "Vitafoods Asia 2023." These events are set to dominate Halls 1–7 of the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, affirming Thailand's potential as Asia's foremost health hub.

Ms. Rungphech Chitanuwat, Regional Portfolio Director – ASEAN, Informa Markets Thailand, emphasises Thailand's pivotal role and potential as a global hub for food ingredient exports. Informa Markets strives to be a driving force in advancing the food industry, especially in the realm of Future Food. Their aim is to transform Thailand into a reservoir of food and nutrition expertise while providing a platform for future food experts. All of this is geared towards ensuring effortless accessibility for both industry operators and consumers. Simultaneously, the dietary supplements industry has witnessed significant growth as global consumers shift their focus towards health and well-being. In addition to nutritious foods, consumers are actively seeking high-quality dietary supplements to meet their physical needs, boost immunity, prevent diseases, and enhance skincare, among other goals.

The dietary supplements market in the Asia Pacific has surged to $187 billion and is projected to reach $229 billion by 2025, growing at a rate of 6%. Key markets include China, Japan, and India, while countries with high growth potential include Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Thailand's dietary supplements market has also shown consistent growth, expected to increase from $190 billion in 2021 to $239 billion by 2025, with a growth rate of 9%.

To further these goals, Informa Markets joins forces with government and private sectors to organise "Food Ingredients Asia 2023" (Fi Asia 2023), an event focusing on food ingredient products, technology, and innovation for the food and beverage industry in Asia. This event is complemented by the collaboration of “Vitafoods Asia 2023,” renowned as Asia’s No. 1 event for food ingredient products, technology, and innovation in dietary supplements and health products. These events are scheduled to take place from September 20-22, 2023, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

Ms. Rungphech Chitanuwat highlights that Fi Asia 2023 aims to enhance its reputation as Asia's premier event for sharing global food trends. It solidifies Thailand's position as a platform for raw material exports, gathering raw materials from every corner of the world. The event will be attended by over 1,000 operators and product owners and will attract over 30,000 local and international buyers from 45 countries worldwide. Fi Asia 2023 expects to host more than 21,000 visitors, with a trade value soaring beyond THB 500 million. Additionally, the event will serve as an economic stimulus, generating over THB 180 million in foreign spending in Thailand.

In the case of Vitafoods Asia 2023, the event aims to propel Thailand into becoming a hub for dietary supplement and extract innovations. It focuses on overcoming limitations in dietary extract quality and establishing itself as a credible manufacturer and solution provider. The event also seeks to create "broadening opportunities" for business connections. This event presents an unparalleled opportunity for operators to engage with buyers and manufacturers while expanding international business networks. This can lead to product optimisation, improved quality and production performance, and the assurance of good health for Thai and Asian consumers, ultimately expanding market opportunities on the Asia-Pacific and global stage. This marks the second time that Vitafoods Asia 2023 will be held in Thailand, and the event will be even more special, occupying 15,000 sqm to accommodate business networks and over 460 dietary supplement innovators.

With these comprehensive preparations, both events anticipate hosting more than 30,000 visitors, fostering substantial business networks for the future. We extend a warm invitation to those seeking business opportunities and innovative ideas, as well as those who wish to explore Thailand's potential and become key contributors in turning Thailand into Asia's premier health hub. Join us at “Fi Asia 2023” in Halls 1-4 and “Vitafoods Asia 2023” in Halls 5-7, LG floor, from September 20-22, 2023, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

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