PCS Elevates Facility Management with People-Centric, Tech-Driven Strategies

PCS Elevates Facility Management with People-Centric, Tech-Driven Strategies

PCS Security and Facility Services Ltd. shares its innovative approach towards facility management, focusing on its 'TRUE' values, technological advancements, and ESG commitment.

PCS Security and Facility Services Limited (PCS), a prominent integrated facility management company with over 55 years of operation in Thailand and a part of OCS Group International Limited, offers a diverse range of services, including security, cleaning, catering, engineering, and technological solutions.

Situated in one of the key markets in the Asia Pacific region, PCS attributes its status as a top-tier facility management brand to its core values.

Ms. Ann Rogers-Bell, Managing Director of PCS Thailand, stated, “Our commitment to our core values of trust, respect, unity, and empowerment, or what we refer to as our 'TRUE' values, sets us apart. We are a people-centric business, and we take pride in instilling these values in our frontline team of over 32,000 colleagues, ensuring they feel secure and motivated to deliver best-in-class performance for our customers.”

In addition to these values centred around people, Ms. Bell highlighted the pivotal role of technology in their ongoing success: “Beyond our robust traditional services, PCS is proactively expanding into meeting our clients' technological needs, including IoT solutions and energy management. This is especially significant now, post-pandemic, as sectors like healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing are on the rise.”

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability management form another cornerstone of PCS's strategy. “ESG is ingrained in our brand DNA, with a particular focus on social mobility initiatives and programs. As a people-centric business, we strive to understand how we can better serve our frontline colleagues, how they aim for self-improvement and community development. Our efforts include providing relevant education for our colleagues, covering aspects like financial management, health-related issues, and educational support for their children. We firmly believe that a key reason for our success as a leading player in this industry is that every colleague feels valued as part of our brand. Furthermore, we take pride in being the first company in the industry certified by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO).”

Ms. Valerie Dale, Group Chief People Officer at OCS Group, added, “Being a people-centric business, talent management extends beyond recruiting newcomers. It involves empowering, challenging, and developing all our people. We offer opportunities for our colleagues to take on new roles or functions that align with their growth aspirations. Additionally, we embrace inclusivity and diversity because

cultural and national differences contribute to a wealth of skills, knowledge, and empathy, making us unique and capable of delivering exceptional performances for our customers.”

OCS Group, operating across 14 countries globally with over 80,000 colleagues, foresees substantial growth potential in the facility management landscape of the Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Roland Salameh, CEO of Asia Pacific & Middle East at OCS Group, commented, “The trend of outsourcing facility and security services is witnessing a growing demand. OCS is well-positioned to seize this opportunity as a leading player, leveraging scale efficiency and robust partnerships. Presently, more customers seek consultation on energy management and technology guidance as they transition towards greener energy sources and enhanced productivity. This trend is especially pronounced in more developed countries where systematic digitalization is a necessity.”

Mr. Salameh concluded, “Above all, we understand that employees don't just work for a job, but for their managers. Hence, we ensure that our managers can advocate for the welfare of all workers, identify talent effectively, and genuinely support our colleagues. We take pride in having colleagues who have dedicated over 30 years to PCS. Ultimately, as a people-centric business, our work wouldn't be possible without our invaluable colleagues. Thus, we strive to serve our colleagues to empower them to serve our customers to the best of their abilities.”

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