DTGO's Triple Win: Happiness, Goodness, and Greatness Unleashed

DTGO's Triple Win: Happiness, Goodness, and Greatness Unleashed

DTGO Wins "Do Good, Do Great, Do It with Happiness" Award at "HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023 (Thailand Edition)" for Second Consecutive Year

DTGO has clinched the "HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023 (Thailand Edition)" award, for the second year in a row, as bestowed by HR Asia Magazine, a prominent regional human resource management publication.

DTGO operates on the premise of "Business-Social Integration," harmonising commercial success with societal betterment, thereby enhancing the quality of life for all, guided by their unwavering commitment to "Adding Value in Everything We Do."

Under the rallying cry of "Do Good, Do Great, Do It with Happiness," DTGO's FAMZ (DTGO members) work with the conviction that happiness and an improved quality of life amplify potential and efficiency in contributing to society. DTGO has implemented practical policies aimed at nurturing a community of individuals who are intelligent, benevolent, and content, fostering a strong connection between FAMZ and the organisation.

Ms. Kannikar Sethi, Executive Vice President of Corporate Culture Development at DTGO, expressed her delight: "DTGO and all its FAMZ members are honoured and elated to receive the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023 (Thailand Edition) award from HR Asia Magazine. This recognition for the second consecutive year reaffirms our commitment to spreading happiness throughout our organisation.

"DTGO has always prioritised the enhancement of happiness and the quality of life for our FAMZ members. This year, we inaugurated DTGO CampUs, a new office designed to be a nurturing environment for individuals who are good-hearted, intelligent, and content, built upon three core principles of communal living: love, integrity, and harmony. DTGO CampUs features a learning centre, sports facilities, nutritious dining options, welfare amenities, a library, recreational offerings, and much more.

"In pursuit of 'Do Good,' we have instilled organisational values, life principles, and concrete ethical practices to mould our FAMZ members into virtuous individuals poised to create value for many others.

"For 'Do Great,' our objective is to evolve into a learning organisation, akin to an educational institution. We've established DTGO YOUniversity, a learning model designed to inspire and offer diverse learning opportunities tailored to individual needs, fostering a sustainable learning community to pass on goodness and talent across generations. Additionally, we've introduced a Career Choice system to help individuals transform their passions into careers, sharing knowledge and skills to facilitate limitless self-development.

"Our guiding principles for 'Do It with Happiness' holistically promote the well-being of our FAMZ members through equitable compensation and welfare. We've instituted office management and work styles that support physical and mental health, as well as activities that strengthen the bond between the organisation, FAMZ members, and their families. We've adopted a diversity and inclusion policy, underscoring the significance of diversity and active participation as we strive to become a globally-oriented organisation.

"DTGO regards its 'Do Good, Do Great, Do It with Happiness' approach as pivotal to the group's enduring success in both business and societal contributions. We sincerely hope that every member of our organisation will embrace 'good,' 'great,' and 'happiness' as guiding principles, becoming a driving force in our society and our nation," Ms. Sethi concluded.

The "HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia" assessment employs a Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM) to gauge group dynamics, company initiatives, and employee engagement. The overall score reflects the company's performance in three key areas: CORE (Collective Organisation for Real Engagement), which evaluates culture and ethics, leadership and organisation, and active initiatives; SELF (Heart, Mind & Soul), which measures emotional engagement, intention and motivation, behaviour and advocacy; and GROUP (Think, Feel & Do), which examines collective consciousness, workplace sentiment, and team dynamics.

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