AI Pioneer Saruj Thipsena Joins STelligence

AI Pioneer Saruj Thipsena Joins STelligence

STelligence welcomes Mr. Saruj Thipsena as Chief Technology Officer, bringing his expertise to advance the company's AI-driven mission.

STelligence Limited, a leading IT services provider specialising in Digital Transformation and data analytics platforms, is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Saruj Thipsena as the company's Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer. In his new role, Mr. Thipsena will spearhead STelligence's technology division and champion the company's mission of "Connected Intelligence," propelling it into the AI-driven future.

As a former Deputy Managing Director of Enterprise Solutions at Microsoft (Thailand), Mr. Saruj Thipsena brings his wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the STelligence team. He expressed his excitement about contributing to the company's growth and the growing importance of AI Transformation in today's landscape. With over a decade of expertise in Data Analytics, RPA Automation, and Cybersecurity, STelligence is well-prepared to leverage AI across its solutions, offering tailored and responsive services to its clients.

Mr. Thipsena's significant contributions to pioneering Cloud Computing technology, Zero Trust security, and Generative AI have garnered recognition within the technology community. He emphasised the importance of "Connected Intelligence," a concept that strengthens AI capabilities by linking diverse knowledge bases together. In a world where data is abundant, effective data management is vital to unlocking AI's potential.

However, Mr. Thipsena acknowledged the challenge of keeping pace with AI's rapid evolution in the Thai market, requiring skill development within organisations and adapting to language constraints.

With 20 years of domestic and international technology industry experience, Mr. Thipsena assumes a pivotal role as the Chief Technology Officer of STelligence. In addition to overseeing strategic management, he is committed to coaching the nearly 100-member team to reach their full potential. His goal is to nurture talented individuals in Thailand, equip them with essential skills and international best practices, and position STelligence as the preferred destination for driving AI-driven transformations.

Mr. Saruj Thipsena's appointment signifies STelligence's dedication to staying at the forefront of AI technology, providing innovative solutions to its clients while nurturing the next generation of tech talents in Thailand.

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