Knight Frank Transforms Property Management with Innovative Systems

Knight Frank Transforms Property Management with Innovative Systems

Knight Frank Thailand revolutionises property management with KF Care and OBMS, introducing cutting-edge technology to elevate service standards and target managing 100 real estate projects by 2025.

Knight Frank is revolutionising property management in Thailand by introducing two cutting-edge systems: KF Care, a comprehensive condo management application, and OBMS, an office building management system with seven functions. These innovations are designed to elevate property management standards and target the management of 100 real estate projects by 2025, demonstrating their commitment to quality and sustainability in the industry.

Mr. Phanom Kanjanathiemthao, Chairman of Knight Frank Thailand, a leading property management firm, emphasised their goal of transforming property management through technology integration and departmental optimisation, resulting in KF Care and OBMS.

KF Care streamlines condominium management by consolidating various functions into a single platform. It enables property managers and residents to efficiently handle data, including announcements, centralised information, news, building regulations, event updates, bill payments, job requests, parcel notifications, and facility bookings. KF Care also integrates seamlessly with the company's accounting software, simplifying financial management and expense notifications.

OBMS, the Office Building Management System, is a comprehensive backend system for modern office buildings, offering functions such as building management, engagement, preventive maintenance, inventory management, accounting integration, external contractor management, and tenancy management.

KF Engagement, a part of OBMS, enhances convenience and efficiency with features like in-building activities and news, 24/7 space reservations, online repair requests, and a directory of shops and services. It also connects with the company's accounting software for streamlined financial management.

Knight Frank Thailand aims to set a new industry standard through advanced technology, emphasising operational efficiency, reduced turnaround time, and fewer errors under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Their proactive marketing strategy aims to provide services to 100 condominiums and office buildings by 2025, positioning Knight Frank Thailand as a leader in property management technology.

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