Southeast Asian Payments Pioneer 2C2P Reveals Thailand's Digital Payments Transformation in New Ebook

Southeast Asian Payments Pioneer 2C2P Reveals Thailand's Digital Payments Transformation in New Ebook

Celebrating 20 years as a leading global payments platform in Southeast Asia, 2C2P is excited to announce the release of their anniversary ebook, "Cracking the Payments Code”.

This publication provides deep insights into the evolution of digital payments in the region, presented by 2C2P Thailand’s CEO, Piyachart Ratanaprasartporn, and other key executives. 

Founded in Bangkok in 2003, 2C2P started developing payment security solutions for banks. Sensing an opportunity for digital payments to revolutionise commerce, Piyachart and team expanded 2C2P’s mission to offer a full-suite payments platform for merchants.

Today, Singapore-headquartered 2C2P is a trusted partner of major corporations including Minor Hotels and Thai Airways, helping them deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

“2C2P's history encompasses an extraordinary digital transformation of the finance, consumer and retail sectors,” says Piyachart. “As we celebrate this year's milestone, we have the amazing opportunity to reflect on some of the most pivotal technological, geographical and environmental shifts that influenced payments over the past 20 years.”

Key Impacts of 2C2P on Southeast Asia’s Payments Landscape:

  1. Payment infrastructure: Helps develop and maintain robust payment infrastructure, including secure transaction processing systems, payment gateway and merchant acquiring services. 
  2. Merchant options and features: Empowers merchants to accept various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and BNPL; and enables various features like tokenization and payment links.
  3. Digital payment adoption: Facilitates the shift from cash-based transactions to electronic payments. 
  4. E-commerce growth: Enables secure and efficient online payments,  contributing to the expansion of merchants’ reach and the growth of digital marketplaces.
  5. Innovation and competition: Drives market competition and fosters innovation in payment technologies and services by leveraging payment trends.
  6. Payment fragmentation: Offers a unified platform and cross-border payment solutions, bridging the gap between markets. 
  7. Compliance and security: Delivers the most robust anti-fraud solutions and the latest security protocols.

“Cracking the Payments Code" is a valuable resource for industry professionals, entrepreneurs, students and anyone interested in understanding the transformation of payments.

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