Bangchak Unveils "Regenerative Soul" Film for Sustainability

Bangchak Unveils "Regenerative Soul" Film for Sustainability

Bangchak presents "Regenerative Soul" film, embodying sustainability commitment.

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited has premiered a short advertising film titled "Regenerative Soul," which serves as a reflection of the company's brand identity and its unwavering commitment to embracing the future. This thought-provoking and inspirational film embodies the concept of "Greenovate to Regenerate."

With a runtime of approximately 5 minutes, the film narrates the journey of a determined young boy who relentlessly pursues his dreams, mirroring Bangchak's driving force and dynamic spirit. It symbolises the company's dedication to addressing challenges and adapting to changing contexts while continually innovating through green initiatives, all while maintaining a harmonious balance with nature to foster sustainable growth.

Bangchak has articulated its brand philosophy of "Greenovate to Regenerate," which underscores the significance of maintaining various 'balances.' These include balancing business operations with environmental and social values, reconciling the realms of economy, environment, and responsible corporate governance, and addressing energy-related challenges. For Bangchak, the balance of nature fuels continuous innovation across three core pillars: Regenerative Power, which generates sustainable solutions for travel, clean energy, and energy-boosting beverages, in collaboration with various sectors to combat climate crises; Regenerative Innovation, which fosters innovative solutions for a brighter and more sustainable future economy; and Regenerative Life, which promotes sustainable happiness through environmentally and socially conscious business innovations, while emphasising a balance between cost and value, guided by the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

The "Regenerative Soul" short film is now available for viewing on YouTube: Bangchak Official, Facebook: Bangchak, and, under the hashtags #Bangchak40yrs and #GreenovateToRegenerate.

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