Thailand Begins Hydrogen Blending with EGAT-BIG Collaboration
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Thailand Begins Hydrogen Blending with EGAT-BIG Collaboration

EGAT partners with BIG to advance hydrogen storage and transportation, enhancing clean energy generation towards Net Zero Emissions.

EGAT is partnering with BIG to explore and develop advanced hydrogen storage and transportation technologies. This initiative aims to enhance clean energy generation in EGAT's power plants, a crucial part of EGAT's commitment to achieving Net Zero Emissions.

Mr Thepparat Theppitak, Governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and Mr Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of BIG, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to study the potential for storing and transporting hydrogen for the Hydrogen Blending Demonstration project at EGAT's power plant. The signing, held at the meeting room on the 19th floor of the EGAT 50th Anniversary Building in Nonthaburi Province, marks the beginning of a comprehensive research, analysis, and evaluation endeavour aimed at optimising hydrogen storage and transportation capabilities for power generation.

Mr Thepparat Theppitak, EGAT Governor, emphasised EGAT's commitment to advancing power generation technologies to modernise the country's energy infrastructure towards clean energy sustainably. As part of this initiative, EGAT plans to incorporate hydrogen as a fuel alongside natural gas to substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector. The two-year collaboration with BIG will encompass a thorough examination, analysis, and evaluation of the engineering and economic feasibility of hydrogen storage and transportation for power generation at EGAT’s power plants. This comprehensive assessment will include cost evaluations, proposing suitable models, and assessing impacts, risks, and necessary measures for stakeholders across all dimensions.

Mr Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of BIG, emphasised the company's readiness to utilise its extensive hydrogen expertise, bolstered by the support of its US parent company, Air Products, the world’s largest supplier of hydrogen. Guided by the company's "Generating a Cleaner Future" strategy, BIG is committed to advancing hydrogen energy production and utilisation to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions. This collaboration seamlessly integrates with Thailand's Power Development Plan (PDP), marking the nation's inaugural venture into hydrogen-based electricity production. Central to this effort is the adoption of BIG’s certified low-carbon hydrogen (CFP), recognised by Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management (Public Organization) for its remarkable 95% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional blue hydrogen. This certification underscores BIG’s steadfast dedication to providing sustainable energy solutions. Hydrogen-generated power represents a significant leap towards achieving Thailand’s carbon neutrality by 2050 and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2065, highlighting the indispensable role of innovation and green technology in realising these ambitious environmental goals.

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