SCGC and AboitizPower Partner for Philippines’ First Smart Power Plant
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SCGC and AboitizPower Partner for Philippines’ First Smart Power Plant

AboitizPower and SCGC’s REPCO NEX launch the Arkanghel Project to enhance power production stability and reduce emissions through Digital Twin technology.

Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower), one of the major power producers in the Philippines, has partnered with REPCO NEX, a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals (SCGC), a provider of integrated industrial and digital solutions, to sign a collaboration agreement for the Arkanghel Project. This project aims to develop the first smart power plant in the Philippines, enhancing power production stability through Digital Twin technology. This initiative aligns with the megatrend of increasing energy demand in ASEAN, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The Arkanghel Project focuses on developing a Digital Twin model for power plants, enabling energy producers to simulate internal processes within the power plant. This technology allows for the accurate prediction of actual performance by taking environmental factors into account, guiding optimal operational strategies for different scenarios, and enabling early detection of anomalies. The initial development will be implemented in AboitizPower’s circulating fluidised bed (CFB) coal-fired power plants, namely the 340-megawatt Therma Visayas Power Plant in Toledo City, Cebu, and the 300-megawatt Therma South Power Plant in Davao City. These facilities will serve as prototypes for future installations in other thermal power plants.

In addition to the CFB technology that recirculates combustion to enhance electricity production efficiency, the Digital Twin technology will empower operators to make precise decisions using data and artificial intelligence (AI). This will support and elevate asset performance management throughout the asset lifecycle via predictive maintenance processes. These proactive measures will reduce both planned and unplanned power plant downtimes.

Sandro Aboitiz, Chief Financial Officer of AboitizPower, said, "Our power plants serve as our aces in the deck as we confront the imperative to enhance the reliability and availability of electricity. Recognising the need to maintain our competitive edge in this dynamic landscape, we realise that seamlessly integrating cutting-edge data science with our existing critical assets is key to adding indelible value to our energy transition journey."

Mr. Aldo Ramos, Chief Operating Officer of AboitizPower, said, "Collectively, Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing economies with a significantly increasing energy demand to match. Average global energy demand grew by 16% between 2015 and 2021, while ASEAN’s grew by 22%. ASEAN faces the challenge of improving its socio-economic conditions while fulfilling its energy transition targets amidst rapid energy demand growth, all while doing what it can to curb the effects of climate change.”

“It is through all these factors that Project Arkanghel came to be. It embodies our dedication to providing reliable and resilient power to meet present energy needs, optimising our current coal-fired power plants to allow them to bridge the gap as renewable energy technologies are still maturing,” he added.

Mongkol Hengrojanasophon, Chief Operations Officer of SCG Chemicals (SCGC), said, "The key driving forces behind the megatrends of AI and ESG are the energy sector, which serves as the infrastructure and cornerstone for the development of every country. REPCO NEX is ready to be a part of this significant transition alongside AboitizPower, the leading power provider in the Philippines. With the expertise and experience of the REPCO NEX team in digital solutions for industries and operational excellence, we will support this project to operate efficiently, create added value, and achieve sustainable growth.”

Chakorn Kraivichien, Managing Director of REPCO NEX, a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals (SCGC), said, "REPCO NEX will integrate big data into the analysis process and create models to provide alerts and recommendations for power plant operations. These models can be practically implemented, enabling stakeholders to make precise decisions. Furthermore, REPCO NEX will help enhance the digital knowledge of AboitizPower staff by combining Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT). This integration will significantly improve business efficiency and speed. In addition to increasing power production, it will also help save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This collaboration between AboitizPower and REPCO NEX will undoubtedly ensure the successful development of the first smart power plant in the Philippines according to the planned schedule."

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