BAM Enhances Customer Reach with ConnectX CDP
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BAM Enhances Customer Reach with ConnectX CDP

BAM partners with ConnectX, leveraging a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to enhance marketing strategies and expand its customer base by over 35%.

Bangkok Commercial Asset Management PCL. known as BAM, a leading force in resolving commercial banks’ NPAs and NPLs issues and driving the Thai economy and society towards sustainable growth, has made significant strides in customer engagement through its strategic collaboration with ConnectX and adoption of cutting-edge MarTech solutions to enhance marketing efficiency through the seamless integration of a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This integrated solution has significantly optimised how the company collects and utilises customer data, leading to enhanced marketing strategies with increased precision and relevance.

Dr. Thanakorn Wangpipatwong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Information Technology and Digital Group and Chief Technology Officer, revealed that “Our collaboration with ConnectX and the implementation of MarTech platforms have ushered in a new era of marketing excellence. By harnessing data as the cornerstone of our campaigns, we’ve achieved unparalleled accuracy in reaching and resonating with our target audience, effectively utilising our marketing budget, and delivering on customer needs with precision. The capabilities of this CDP are to unify and normalise customer data from all sources, creating comprehensive and unique profiles for each customer. This persistent, unified customer database now serves as the cornerstone for highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.”

Key elements of Bangkok Commercial Asset Management's success story include:

1. Centralised Customer Database: The CDP platform aggregates and personalises customer data from all channels, also known as Omni Channel, that gather and consolidate customer information regardless of the channel they come from, providing comprehensive insights into individual customer profiles. This centralised database empowers BAM with a holistic view of customer needs, behaviours, and trends.

2. Individualised Customer Focus: BAM’s focus on tailored interactions ensures memorable customer experiences, driving engagement and loyalty through personalised marketing campaigns.

3. Enhanced Sales Performance: By leveraging the CDP and MarTech to track the performance of sales agents and analyse their strategies, BAM has been able to replicate success strategies, increase productivity, and close more deals. This approach strengthens their market position and revenue streams significantly.

4. Seamless Integration with Marketing Automation: The integration of the unified customer database from the CDP with advanced Marketing Automation platforms has enabled BAM to create targeted and personalised marketing campaigns at scale. This integration optimises efficiency and maximises ROI.

Worapat Sasibut, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ConnectX Co., Ltd., said, “In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the adoption of Marketing Automation platforms is not just a choice; it's a strategic imperative across all industries. By deeply understanding customer identities and needs right from the start of their Consumer Journey, businesses can significantly enhance their ability to reach the right audience, at the right time, and with the right message. This strategic alignment not only optimises marketing budgets but also ensures systematic and cost-effective utilisation of resources. BAM’s successful integration of these platforms underscores their remarkable growth achievements, serving as a compelling example of how businesses can thrive by embracing technology-driven marketing strategies.”

BAM's success story serves as a testament to the power of strategic database management in crafting robust marketing strategies that drive business growth. By strategically investing in marketing initiatives, BAM has not only optimised sales team efficiency by 30% but also expanded its customer base by an impressive 35%. The integration of the CDP platform alongside Marketing Automation has propelled BAM to the forefront of business leadership, enabling them to efficiently target and engage their desired audience, thus achieving unparalleled success in asset management.

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