Fast Beauty Partners with Saha Group for Thai Expansion
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Fast Beauty Partners with Saha Group for Thai Expansion

Japan’s top hair colouring salon is investing in the Thai market through a strategic partnership with Saha Group, aiming to establish 100 'fufu' hair colouring salons across Thailand.

"Fast Beauty," Japan's number one hair colouring salon, has partnered with "Saha Group" to open "fufu" hair colouring salons in Thailand. This venture targets Thai women seeking fashionable hair colouring or covering grey hair, introducing a new dimension of hair colouring using CRM data analytics and AI to offer the best options to customers. The aim is to open 100 branches in Thailand.

Mrs. Teerada Ambhanwong, a board member of the Saha Group, revealed that Thai people have a high interest in hair beauty similar to the Japanese. Additionally, Thailand has an increasing ageing population. By collaborating with Fast Beauty to introduce the 'fufu' hair colouring salon to the Thai market, we aim to provide a unique hair colouring experience, targeting teenagers, working professionals, and elderly customers. Utilising technology and CRM systems that meet Japanese salon standards, at an affordable price, and with convenience and speed, we believe that 'fufu' will meet the needs of all three customer groups."

Mr. Yukihiro Higashikubo, President & Founder of Fast Beauty Inc., stated, "Fast Beauty operates the fufu hair colouring salon with over 130 branches and is ranked number one in the hair colouring salon industry in Japan. We specialise in efficient hair colouring services at reasonable prices. Currently, we serve more than 4.15 million customers per year. In addition to hair colouring services, Fast Beauty also acts as a distributor of beauty, skincare, and health products through e-commerce websites."

For the fufu hair colouring salon in Thailand, comprehensive customer service is provided, including fashion hair colouring services for teenage and working customers, as well as hair colouring services to cover grey hair for the elderly. A memorandum of cooperation will be signed at the 28th Saha Group Fair event on Thursday, June 27, 2024, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Silk 2 Room, BITEC Bangna.

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