Osstem Thailand to Host Symposiums in Phuket and Khon Kaen
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Osstem Thailand to Host Symposiums in Phuket and Khon Kaen

Osstem Thailand will host symposiums in Phuket on 7 August and Khon Kaen on 9 August, showcasing innovations in dental implant technology and fostering professional collaboration.

Osstem Implant successfully hosted the Osstem World Meeting in Seoul this past April, with over 1,500 dental professionals from around the globe in attendance, including approximately 50 professors and dentists from Thailand. The event served as a platform to share the latest advancements in dental implant technology and research findings, as well as to discuss industry trends. This year, Osstem Thailand will host symposiums in Phuket on 7 August and in Khon Kaen on 9 August, with another planned in Bangkok in December. These symposiums reflect Osstem's ongoing efforts to share the latest innovations and trends in the dental industry through independently organised events by Osstem Thailand.

Osstem regularly organises various symposiums and educational events to promote the advancement of dental implant technology and share knowledge among industry experts. Following the Osstem Meeting in Thailand in 2022 and the symposium in Pattaya in 2023, the tradition continues with the 2024 symposiums in Phuket, Khon Kaen, and Bangkok.

The upcoming symposiums will feature renowned speakers who will share the latest research results and practical clinical experiences in the field of dental implants. Participants will gain valuable insights through in-depth lectures and hands-on sessions on Osstem’s latest products and technologies. These educational opportunities are designed to help dental professionals acquire the latest tools and knowledge to provide the best care for their patients.

Osstem Implants is highly regarded among dental professionals worldwide for its exceptional quality, safety, and outstanding clinical success rates. Through continuous research and development, Osstem leads innovation in the dental implant industry, redefining industry standards. As the number one dental implant company in Korea, Osstem achieved significant growth in 2023 with sales exceeding 1.2 trillion KRW. The upcoming symposiums will introduce Osstem’s latest technologies and products, allowing participants to experience their clinical applications firsthand.

Osstem (Thailand) Co., Ltd. aims to promote the development of the dental industry in Thailand and strengthen collaboration with local dental professionals through these symposiums. These efforts support dental professionals in acquiring the most up-to-date technologies and information, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. Attendees will also benefit from special promotions on product purchases during the events.

Osstem remains committed to sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration with dental professionals worldwide, continuously striving for innovation and advancement in the dental industry. The symposiums in Phuket and Khon Kaen are part of these efforts, providing valuable opportunities for dental professionals to share the latest technologies and network with peers. For registration, please contact us through the QR code or Osstem Line Official: @OSSTEMTH, Facebook: Osstem Thailand or call +66(02) 671 7988.

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