CRT and CCL Introduce Satellite Technology for Carbon Credits
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CRT and CCL Introduce Satellite Technology for Carbon Credits

CRT and CCL showcase satellite carbon verification to Laos Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Carbon Registry Thailand (CRT) and Carbon Credit Laos (CCL) visited the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Vientiane on 12 June 2024, to introduce an innovative Satellite Carbon Calculation method. The delegation was warmly received by His Excellency Thongphath VONGMANY, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, and key government officials from the ministry.

During the meeting, CRT and CCL presented the Satellite Carbon Calculation method, highlighting its potential to address the challenges of data transparency and accuracy faced by conventional sampling methods in carbon credit calculation. His Excellency Thongphath VONGMANY acknowledged these challenges and expressed the government's support for adopting advanced technologies to create reliable, high-quality carbon credits.

"Laos has approximately 15,675,000 hectares of natural forest, covering about 69.3% of the national land area. The government is committed to increasing forest coverage to over 70% through reforestation and afforestation initiatives," stated His Excellency.

He emphasised the government's dedication to achieving the 2030 and 2050 sustainable goals.

To explore the feasibility of implementing satellite technology in carbon credit verification, a collaborative team comprising CRT, CCL, and the Ministry has been unofficially formed. This team will work on developing a framework for using satellite technology in carbon credit calculation, establishing carbon credit sales channels, and creating monetisation mechanisms that comply with Lao government regulations. A pilot programme is expected to launch in the near future, with the potential to scale up to cover the entire country's forests if successful.

Carbon Credit Laos Co., Ltd. (CCL) holds the legal rights to manage all carbon credit-related matters for natural forest owners in Khammouane Province and Savannakhet Province, Laos. "We believe we are undertaking a significant initiative that benefits our country, our people, and our planet with the latest technology," said Mr Phouseuth, Founder and President of CCL.

Carbon Registry Thailand (CRT) is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, leveraging cutting-edge technology to verify carbon credits.

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