BBIX Thailand and BBSakura Announce Landmark OCX Launch
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BBIX Thailand and BBSakura Announce Landmark OCX Launch

Joint agreement to enhance Thailand's digital infrastructure and regional connectivity.

BBIX Thailand, a joint company between BBIX Japan and True IDC, which is a provider of Internet Exchange (IX) services in Thailand, and BBSakura Networks, a renowned network solutions provider, are thrilled to announce the signing of a joint agreement to launch the first Open Connectivity eXchange (OCX) in Thailand. This collaboration marks the first time that OCX services will be hosted in a local data centre within Thailand, significantly enhancing the nation's digital infrastructure. The initiative aims to boost Thailand's digital transformation, support the efficiency of local enterprises, and strengthen regional connectivity in Southeast Asia.

The Open Connectivity eXchange (OCX) is a cloud-based and self-service network platform designed to facilitate seamless, high-speed, direct and reliable internet connectivity across global data centres and public Cloud. By establishing OCX in a local data centre, BBIX Thailand and BBSakura Networks are poised to deliver improvements in network performance, latency reduction, and data security for businesses and consumers across the region. The OCX will be hosted in a global standard data centre with Uptime Tier III certification, ensuring top-tier reliability and performance. The service will continue expansion throughout other regions in the next phases.

Hidetoshi Ikeda, Representative Director, President & CEO, BBIX Thailand, stated, “I am delighted that our collaboration with BBSakura Networks has enabled OCX to establish its first location base in Thailand, especially in a highly secure data centre of True IDC. Following these efforts in Thailand, this collaboration marks a significant step for OCX to excel in Asia and then globally. BBIX Thailand will continue to challenge and innovate in the fields of telecommunications and networking on a global stage.”

Hideyuki Sasaki, President and CEO, BBSakura Networks, shared, “We have been developing networks that transcend regional boundaries by providing software-driven networking solutions through OCX. I am confident that OCX is moving into a new phase with our first foray into international markets. By introducing this model globally, we aim to tap into diverse markets and drive business growth more efficiently.”

Theerapun Charoensak, Board of Director, BBIX Thailand, stated, “I welcome the collaboration with BBSakura Networks to uplift connectivity in Thailand by offering OCX service. This collaboration will enhance the spread of secure, swift cloud-based network solutions in Thailand, providing future-ready support to the fast growth in local and international businesses.”

The launch of OCX service in Thailand is expected to be ready for service within 2024, with full operational capabilities available to customers shortly thereafter. Both BBIX Thailand and BBSakura Networks are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient rollout, with comprehensive support services to assist clients in transitioning to the new platform.

For more information about the Open Connectivity eXchange (OCX) and the joint initiative by BBIX Thailand and BBSakura Networks, contact email:

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