Western Australia Beef & Lamb Competition Launches in Thailand
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Western Australia Beef & Lamb Competition Launches in Thailand

Showcasing top junior chefs, this competition promotes culinary innovation and sustainable practices with premium Australian meats.

Culinary innovation meets sustainability as the Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition by Aussie Meat Academy makes its debut in Thailand. Hosted by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) in collaboration with the Government of Western Australia (WA), this groundbreaking event, held at Lenôtre Culinary Arts School, promises to showcase the best of Australian beef and lamb while nurturing the culinary talents of tomorrow.

The Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition by Aussie Meat Academy brought together ten talented junior chefs from 5 Marriott, Okura Nikko Hotels and IHG five-star hotels around Bangkok and offered them a unique platform to showcase their creativity and skill. Split into two challenges, five chefs competed in a Thai culinary challenge, while the remaining five took on the Western culinary challenge. Through this culinary journey, not only did participants hone their craft but also gain invaluable insights into the versatility, diversity, and premium quality of Australian beef and lamb sourced from Western Australia.

Two winners, one from the Thai cuisine challenge and the other from the Western cuisine challenge, will have a unique opportunity to embark on a culinary journey to Western Australia, experiencing firsthand the world-leading production systems, safety standards, and natural beauty that the region has to offer. 

In addition, one of the key focuses of the challenge is to promote sustainability and a zero-waste mentality. By demonstrating the use of secondary cuts and advocating for full carcass utilisation, participants were encouraged to add value to their businesses while providing customers with more affordable and delectable dining experiences. This initiative aligns with the industry's goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 and reflects the commitment of culinary professionals to environmental responsibility.

Mr. Spencer Whitaker, MLA’s market development manager for the Asia-Pacific region, remarked, "The Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition by Aussie Meat Academy not only aligns with MLA's goal of doubling the value of Australian red meat by 2030 but also serves as a catalyst for greater awareness about the premium quality, safety and taste of Australian beef and lamb in the Asia-Pacific region. Through collaborations with esteemed partners like the Western Australian Government and Lenôtre Culinary Arts School Thailand, we aim to inspire culinary excellence and sustainable practices that will shape the future of the industry.”

Mr. Bryce Green, Western Australian Investment & Trade Commissioner for ASEAN emphasised the significance of the Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition by Aussie Meat Academy as an event in promoting culinary excellence and sustainability in the region. The partnership between Invest and Trade Western Australia and MLA underscores their commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the development of culinary talent in Thailand. Through initiatives like the Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition by Aussie Meat Academy, they aim to elevate the culinary landscape while promoting the use of premium Australian beef and lamb products. 

“Beef and lamb products sourced from Western Australia, one of the world’s most isolated and bio-secure regions renowned for consistently high-quality, safe, and ethically produced red meat, are perfect for premium food service and delivering superior nutrition and dining experiences. Moreover, Western Australia's halal-certified red meat products which are well known for their marbling and tenderness are produced to a reliably high standard delivering superior nutrition and a great eating experience ideal for all occasions.”

Invest and Trade Western Australia is the 'front door' to assist investors and businesses to engage with established industries, including premium beef and lamb producers, and gather critical information to make it easier than ever to do business in and with Western Australia.

Mr. Paul Kanjanapat, Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Land Public Company Limited and the executive of Lenôtre Culinary Arts School Thailand, emphasised the importance of highly skilled chefs in driving the growth of the restaurant business across Asia. With changing consumer behaviour placing greater emphasis on food quality and the unique cooking styles of resident chefs, initiatives like the Aussie Meat Academy and the Western Australian Beef & Lamb Competition are instrumental in educating both chefs and consumers alike. Besides, nowadays consumers are not just looking at the quality of the meat but are also considering the farming processes and their impact on the environment. Lenôtre Culinary Arts School Thailand remains committed to developing culinary skills and expertise to meet the evolving demands of the industry. 

Alongside the challenges, the Western Australian Beef & Lamb Aussie Meat Academy Butchery Training promises an insightful exploration into Australian beef and lamb. With a presentation titled 'Why Australian Beef & Lamb' by Mr. Spencer Whitaker and a hands-on workshop demonstrating secondary cuts of Australian beef and lamb led by Master Butcher Steve Craig, attendees can look forward to a rewarding and informative experience.

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