Dragonfly’s H.E.A.L. Summit 2024: Transformative Leadership Journey
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Dragonfly’s H.E.A.L. Summit 2024: Transformative Leadership Journey

Join global experts in Bangkok for a summit redefining leadership and well-being, welcoming over 2,000 attendees this October.

Founder of Dragonfly
Founder of Dragonfly

Dragonfly, a leading platform in Asia for leaders to catalyse social change for a more inclusive and harmonious society, has announced the latest instalment of its annual Dragonfly H.E.A.L. (Harmony, Empathy, Acceptance, and Love) Summit.

Set to take place on October 22-23, 2024, at Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand, this transformative event will bring together renowned thought leaders, changemakers, and wellness enthusiasts from around the world for a journey of self-discovery, connection, and impactful change.

The importance of leadership well-being cannot be overstated. Recent research from The Workforce Institute at UKG revealed that managers significantly impact employee mental health, with 69 percent of workers reporting their manager’s attitude directly affects their well-being. The H.E.A.L Summit addresses this crucial connection, empowering leaders to cultivate personal well-being while fostering thriving, inclusive environments.

Summit Key Highlights:

Immersive Experiences: The H.E.A.L. Summit will feature interactive workshops, a tranquil ‘Well-Nest’ for rejuvenation, and the exclusive ‘Dragonfly Bazaar’ showcasing the latest in holistic wellness, beauty, and lifestyle products.

Keynote Speakers: The summit will host an impressive lineup of speakers, including:

  • Professor Yuval Noah Harari: A historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.
  • Steven Bartlett: British Entrepreneur, speaker, investor, bestselling author, and the host of ‘The Diary of a CEO’ podcast.
  • Dr. Shefali: Renowned psychologist and author, pioneering a new paradigm of conscious parenting and family dynamics, endorsed by Oprah as the No. 1 parenting coach in the world.
  • Roxie Nafousi: Renowned author and coach of Manifestation and personal development.
  • Sadhguru: Spiritual leader, Yogi, mystic, and visionary – one of the most influential people of our time, with all his efforts directed toward just one goal: raising human consciousness.
  • Will Bowen: Author, inspirational speaker and founder of the Complaint Free movement.
  • Dr. Kim from Team Simon Sinek: Author, speaker and master trainer facilitating immersive keynote inspired by Simon Sinak's Leaders Eat Last.
  • Richard Poulton: Resilient CEO and speaker sharing his journey of healing and courage, inspiring others to overcome challenges.
  • Megha Srivsethi: A world-renowned businesswoman in the masculine finance world whose journey inspires with its tale of perseverance and triumph.
  • Woody Milintachinda: Dragonfly’s co-founder, Thailand's leading talk show host, and an advocate for equality and inclusion.
  • Cindy Bishop: Dragonfly’s co-founder and Asia’s leading supermodel and gender equality advocate, championing diversity and inclusion.
  • Pranapda Phornprapha Chirathivat: Founder of Dragonfly and a visionary entrepreneur catalysing transformation and inclusion in diverse sectors.

Commenting on the announcement of the H.E.A.L. Summit 2024, Pranapda Phornprapha Chirathivat, Founder of Dragonfly, said:

“We have put together a fantastic line-up. I am convinced that the insights and experiences of the speakers at the H.E.A.L. Summit 2024 will spark conversations and ignite action toward creating a more harmonious and equitable world. The Summit embodies our commitment to nurturing leaders who prioritise well-being, embrace authenticity, and lead with compassion. Together, we can build a future where everyone thrives.”

The full list of speakers can be viewed here and tickets can be purchased via the website. The event takes place from October 22-23, 2024, at Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand. Last Chance for Early Bird

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