Huawei Boosts Solar Adoption in Thailand
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Huawei Boosts Solar Adoption in Thailand

Huawei provides rooftop solar systems and trains PEA professionals nationwide.

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is accelerating solar energy application in Thailand by providing inverter and optimiser equipment for rooftop solar power generation systems to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). The handover ceremony was held at the PEA headquarters. Additionally, Huawei will foster skilled professionals for PEA in 12 subdistricts across Thailand by equipping them with the knowledge and expertise needed for effective installation of the solar power generation systems. This initiative aims to deliver an optimal experience for PEA’s customers, drive the transition to clean energy, and promote sustainable development. It will also solidify strategic partnerships between Huawei and PEA to introduce smart photovoltaic (Smart PV) products and promote wider adoption of clean energy in Thailand, reinforcing Huawei's commitment to ‘Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand.’

Mr. Logan Yu, President, Huawei Digital Power, Huawei Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated: “As a leader in renewable energy technology and designer of intelligent digital power solutions for businesses and households, our goal is to continuously drive clean energy transitions for a greener future. Huawei is honoured to continue this strategic partnership with PEA. The equipment for rooftop solar power generation systems that we have provided are not just tools for generating clean energy; they are platforms for education and training that will upskill PEA professionals with the knowledge needed for system installations. We will enhance product technologies and installation services for customers in Thailand by utilising our global experience and knowledge to nurture a new generation of Thai workers to lead the way to Thailand’s green revolution. We believe that this collaboration will help drive Thailand's sustainability goals and ensure that PEA remains at the forefront of technological innovation. Together, we can build a greener, smarter, and more connected future for all.”

He also explained that Huawei's residential solar roof technology is designed with safety in mind. Huawei Residential Solution ‘1+4+X’ or ‘one-fits-all’ will deliver a comprehensive and unmatched experience in using Smart PV products to customers in Thailand. The one-fits-all solution comes with an intelligent charging system, power inverter, energy storage system, advanced system management, and intelligent displays.

Mr. Prasit Junprasit, Deputy Governor (Business and Marketing), Provincial Electricity Authority, said during the handover ceremony: “On behalf of PEA, it is my great pleasure to join the handover ceremony of the equipment for rooftop solar power generation systems together with representatives from PEA and Huawei Technology (Thailand) Company Limited. This ceremony builds on our strategic partnership of co-branding strategies for Smart PV products and energy storage systems. Together, we continue to drive our collaboration by providing comprehensive training on rooftop solar power generation system installations to our skilled talents in 12 subdistricts. This invaluable knowledge will empower PEA to deliver top-notch services for its customers nationwide and drive the growing demand for clean energy in Thai households. We sincerely hope that together with Huawei, we can further develop and expand our strategic partnership in various areas in the future.”

Previously, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Company Limited attended a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony with PEA to jointly explore and develop energy storage technologies for PEA's electrical system. Huawei, as a global leader in digital energy technology, provides services and solutions deployed in more than 170 countries, with a focus on energy storage, deployment, and safety measures in clean energy adoption, especially solar energy. Huawei will support government agencies, enterprises, and households to deploy smart solar photovoltaic systems, drive the move towards renewable energy transitions, and help Thailand meet its carbon neutrality goals. These targets align with Huawei's mission to ‘Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand’ and ‘Unleash Digital for a Better Future’.

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