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  • Mountain of Peace

    26 Apr 2017 :

    Mountain of Peace

    This Chinatown of Doi Mae Salong holds a fascinating piece of history within its embrace

    What is a Chinatown like without big neon signs and the constant cacophony of traffic and heavy crowds?

  • A topsy turvy world

    24 Nov 2016 :

    A topsy turvy world

    A new attraction in Phuket gives exciting experiences to visitors who want to know how they would feel if the world is turned upside down

  • Learning local history

    03 Nov 2016 :

    Learning local history

    A historical centre mirrors the history and stories of the forgotten palace, Wang Chan, and its royal dwellers in Phitsanulok

    All that slithers

    27 Oct 2016 :

    All that slithers

    Visitors of all ages can visit the Siam Serpentarium and safely observe, up-close and personal, the world of snakes

  • A Queen in Thais' hearts

    01 Sep 2016 :

    A Queen in Thais' hearts

    A new exhibition gives a glimpse of the life and work of the last Thai queen under absolute monarchy

  • Millennia-old cultural hub

    09 Jun 2016 :

    Millennia-old cultural hub

    A small museum in Lop Buri tells the story of an ancient city and its fascinating culture

  • Cruising through the jungle

    27 May 2016 :

    Cruising through the jungle

    Guru experiences Chiang Mai's newest adrenaline-filled attraction first hand

  • The Isan world of flowers

    19 May 2016 :

    The Isan world of flowers

    A park in the northeastern province is not only beautiful but also a fascinating learning resource

  • Royal legacy

    28 Apr 2016 :

    Royal legacy

    A former queen's palace and farm in Chanthaburireflects her wider influence on local agriculture


  • Manta mantra

    28 Apr 2016 :

    Manta mantra

    Stunning fish and other aquatic wildlife await the patient diver in the Andaman