'Praewa' case

STARTING DATE: 19 Jul 2019



Orachorn 'Praewa' Thephasadin na Ayudhya drove borrowed Honda Civic when she was 16 and hit passenger van on Don Muang tollway on Dec 27, 2010, killing 14. Court orders her to pay B24.8m to victims' families but she did not pay it as of July 2019.

'Praewa' case
8 Aug 2019

Justice delayed

Family of victim in another crash seeks Justice Ministry's help after Praewa case sparks awareness of a crash victim's right to prompt compensation and legal execution.

8 Aug 2019 13
Justice delayed
6 Aug 2019

Past due

Actor Kanchai Kamnerdploy submits 41.75-million-baht in cashier cheques from family of Orachon "Praewa" Devahastin na Ayudhya to compensate victims of 2010 tollway crash.

6 Aug 2019 31
Past due
5 Aug 2019

Almost over?

The family of Orachorn Devahastin na Ayudhya, known as Praewa, is ready to pay compensation for fatal 2010 crash, Justice Ministry official says.

5 Aug 2019 43
Almost over?
24 Jul 2019

Deadline set for B41m payment in Praewa case

The four defendants in the 2010 tollway crash legal case must pay compensation of about 41 million baht by Aug 28 to the 25 people affected by the tragedy, which killed nine people and injured four others, the Justice Ministry said on Tuesday.

24 Jul 2019 5
23 Jul 2019

Deadline set

Four defendants in Praewa case are to pay B41m in damages and interest to 25 plaintiffs by Aug 28, says Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin.

23 Jul 2019 26
Deadline set
20 Jul 2019

Orachorn's victims 'just want apology'

The father of one of the nine victims killed by Orachorn "Praewa" Devahastin na Ayudhya in a crash on a tollway in 2010 has demanded that she come forward and offer an apology herself, rather than letting others do so on her behalf.

20 Jul 2019 30
19 Jul 2019

Pressure rises on Orachorn

Pressure is building on Orachorn "Praewa" Thephasadin na Ayudhya, who killed nine people and injured four others in a crash on a tollway in 2010, to pay compensation to the victims, with members of her extended high-profile family joining public calls that she act.

19 Jul 2019 11
Pressure rises on  Orachorn
18 Jul 2019

'We will pay'

The family of teen driver "Praewa" Thephasadin na Ayudhya promises to sell valuable land to pay the B24.76m compensation still owing victims of her horrific tollway car crash in 2010.

18 Jul 2019 85
'We will pay'
17 Jul 2019

9-year wait

Hi-so woman who killed nine, injured four in 2010 tollway crash yet to pay any compensation, victims' relatives say.

17 Jul 2019 83
9-year wait
19 Apr 2017

Reduced damages

The Appeal Court cut the damages demanded by 28 family members of the victims of a 2010 Don Muang tollway crash to B20m from B30m, saying the van driver was at fault too.

19 Apr 2017 11
Reduced damages