Santol fair in the town of monkeys

Sweet santol from Lop Buri. Photo courtesy of TAT

Until June 13, the 26th Sweet Santol And Good Products Of Lop Buri Festival will take place in front of Muang Lop Buri district office with the aim to promote local fruits and agro-tourism, and create public awareness for the conservation of agricultural resources.

From 7-10pm, there will be talks, cultural performances and concerts -- the talks on santol growing and food preserving and a concert by a Thai classical music band today, the opening ceremony and Santol Dance tomorrow, a concert featuring the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej's composed songs on Saturday, the talks on safe and cost-effective rice planting and processing on Sunday, a debate on related topics and a concert by Phibul Witthayalai School students on June 5, a concert featuring royally composed songs on June 6, talks on the sufficiency economy on June 7, a sermon on June 8, cultural performances by locals on June 9, likay and khon performances on June 10, and a concert featuring royally composed songs on June 11.

Covering almost 1,000 rai, Talung in Muang district is an agro-tourist destination, especially for the growing of santol. Trees planted by villagers yield high-quality sweet santol fruit in June and July. Santol from there is in high demand. After the fair, visitors can visit the Chao Phor Phra Kan Shrine to worship the sacred spirit, watch monkeys and learn local history through old artefacts of different periods on display in the Somdej Phra Narai National Museum.

Visit or call the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Lop Buri Office at 036-770-096/7.

Fisheries fair near Bangkok

From June 1-4, Nakhon Pathom province, the Provincial Fisheries Office, the Provincial Tourism and Sports Office, the Nakhon Pathom Tourism Association, the Thai Human Imagery Museum and other public and private agencies are hosting the Tourism Fair and Safe Fishery Products Eating Festival of Nakhon Pathom at the Thai Human Imagery Museum in Nakhon Chaisi district.

The event showcases an exhibition on fisheries in Nakhon Pathom, the sale of aquatic animals, fishing gear, local products, tour and hotel packages and souvenirs, occupational counselling, shrimp-eating contests, prawns, fish, crocodile meat and more, a lukthung singing contest, and drawing and painting contests. A highlight is a Chinese-style feast of food prepared from local fish and other aquatic animals.

The objectives are to promote local fisheries products, boost local tourism and introduce new fisheries technology to ensure a creative economy and sustainable use of fisheries resources.

Call the Provincial Fisheries Office on 034-340-034/6 or the Thai Human Imagery Museum at 034-332-607.

Fruit festival in Kanchanaburi

From June 22-26, the Days Of Fruits And Prized Products Of Thong Pha Phum District fair will be held from 9am-9pm at and around the helipad of Vajiralongkorn Dam, Kanchanaburi province.

At the fair, fruits grown in the district, such as rambutan, durian, pineapple, mangosteen, longkong and langsard (Burmese grape), will be sold along with organic vegetables, local plants and popular local products.

Visitors will be able to see fruit parades, a beauty contest, and a light-and-sound show about the history of Thong Pha Phum. The aim is to promote the famous fruits and tourism of Thong Pha Phum and to conserve local culture.

Call the TAT Kanchanaburi Office at 034-511-200.

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Vajiralongkorn Dam. Photo: Pongpet Mekloy

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