Lent procession

From July 8-10, lent candle processions and celebrations will be held in various venues in Muang district, Suphan Buri province, to mark the start of the Buddhist Lent.

A lent candle procession in Suphan Buri. Photo: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul

The first day of the lent, Khao Phansa Day, is a day after Asarnha Bucha Day, the Full Moon day of the eighth lunar month. During the three-month lent, monks must stay at their temples and strictly observe dhamma while Buddhists make merit by presenting saffron robes and candles to monks. Candles are lit all day all night during this period to provide light for monks to pray and study.

At Wat Pa Leilai, the spectacular parades of lent candles and the carving and decoration of candles will reflect the local way of life in Suphan Buri. The lent candles will be carved beautifully and depict the province's outstanding historic sites, art and culture.

On July 8 from 5pm, trucks carrying lent candles from 10 districts will reach Wat Pa Leilai before a candle procession and presentation ceremony. On the main stage of the temple, there will be cultural and musical performances.

On July 9 at 8am, an opening ceremony at the first Highways Regional Office will be held with the grandeur of lent processions with cultural performances. The parades under the theme of "The Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej's Principles" will reach Wat Pa Leilai for merit-making.

People are invited to vote for their favourite parade via Facebook from 9am on July 8 to 9am on July 11. Results will be announced on July 11.

On July 10, the parade of lent candles from the 10 districts will be displayed at Wat Pa Leilai.

Visit tatsuphan.net or call the Tourism Authority of Thailand's Suphan Buri office on 035-525-867 or 035-525-880.

Boat trip in memory of Thon Buri

On July 15, a boat trip commemorating the "Naval Battles On The Chao Phraya River" will take place as part of the "250th Anniversary Of Thon Buri" events to celebrate the glory of the old capital of Thailand.

The journey tells of major historical incidents, such as King Naresuan the Great's chasing Phraya Jeenchantu, the Makasan Rebellion, the Franco-Siamese War during the reign of King Narai the Great, the boat journey of King Taksin the Great to regain Siamese independence and the Franco-Siamese Naval Battle during the reign of King Rama V.

Participants must register at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's Tourism Division under the Phra Pinklao Bridge at 8am and depart on a boat at 8.30am. They will pass or visit several destinations, including the old Customs Office where French warships were anchored during the Fifth Reign, the locations of old forts along the river, Phi Sua Samut Fort and Phra Chulachomklao Fort which braced for the attacks by French warships in 1893, and Bang Krachao green zone.

The trip will be conducted in Thai. Registration fee is 1,900 baht for adults and 1,000 baht for children below the age of 15. The price is inclusive of travel, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, beverages, accident insurance, documents and lectures. Profits will support the next event under the same series.

Call the 250th Anniversary of Thon Buri organiser on 081-561-2877 for reservations.

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