Chaiyaphum's blooming

The northeastern province of Chaiyaphum invites all to its Pa Hin Ngam and Sai Thong national parks, two of the Kingdom's best spots to appreciate the beautiful blooms of bua sawan, a kind of krachiao.

From now to August, the deciduous forests of both parks, which are about 60km apart, are not only lush and refreshing, but they will also be adorned by the pinkish blooms of bua sawan whose scientific name is Curcuma alismatifolia. The peak period is expected to begin in mid-June and last until early August.

At Pa Hin Ngam, there will also be a fair where visitors can enjoy local goodies and hand-made products from cotton fabrics to silk.

For more information, call Pa Hin Ngam on 044-056-141 or Sai Thong on 089-282-3437. Each park has a Facebook page.

All the fun of the fair

Meanwhile in the East, Chanthaburi will be holding a big event called Chan Fun Fest 2019 on June 14-16, at Taksin Maharaj park in the provincial city.

The fair will feature virtually everything the province is famous for. Fruits -- from durian and mangosteen to rambutan, mango and many more -- will be available, as well as a variety of seafood, both fresh and cooked.

Visitors will also be entertained by stage performances and fun activities which include workshops on fruit preservation and more.

For details, visit the Chan Fun Fest 2019 page on Facebook or call the Chanthaburi office of the Tourism of Thailand on 039-480-220.

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