Social media makes travel plans for Gen Z: survey

Instagram tops the source of inspiration for travellers aged 16-24, according to a survey. ( photo)

Social media is an integral part of travel for Generation Z, with Instagram the top source of inspiration when picking a destination, according to a new study by

The study surveyed over 21,000 people from around the world (25% of whom were aged 16-24, or Gen Z) and found 51% of Gen Zers trust recommendations from influencers and celebrities they don’t know. Some 26% took over 50 pictures a day while on vacation and 56% share the pictures on social media.

Conversely, over half of Gen Z (53%) think too much emphasis is placed on social media when travelling.

Many Gen Zers travel for the sake of social media. Some 60% of Gen Z surveyed said they're interested in travelling that will look good in pictures. Over half (56%) of Gen Z said always upload pictures from their trips on social media when travelling, with millennials being the demographic most likely to do this (67%).

Over half of Gen Z in Thailand (64%) like to see travel posts and pictures on social media and 30% listed social media as the top inspiration for where to travel.

Gen Z women are more likely to visualise their next vacation from social media, at 39%, higher than the Thai average (31%) and that of millennials (36%).

When it comes to selecting new destinations to visit, more than half (60%) of Gen Z said they are influenced by social media influencers, and 51% said they generally trust influencers when it comes to travel recommendations.

Some 53% of Gen Z valued WiFi as the most important amenity during a stay, higher than any other demographic, making it their favourite amenity.

Gen Z is also aware of the importance of the holiday experience for its own sake, with 69% saying they prefer to focus on what is in front of them and enjoying the moment, rather than spending time taking photos for social media.