Bensley Collection - Shinta Mani Wild

Lauded by Time magazine as one of the World's Greatest Places for 2019, this high-end property in the Cambodian wilderness, 112km northeast of Sihanoukville Airport, is another masterpiece by internationally renowned resort designer Bill Bensley, who is also its co-owner.

Fifteen spacious safari-style tents, each lavishly designed and decorated, are nestled along a stream that runs through the lush forest on the border of Southern Cardamom National Park. To enhance guests' experience, the camp, as the staff calls it, offers several complementary activities as part of the packages, ranging from bird watching, forest foraging and cooking classes, to boat excursions and joining with rangers in their routine anti-poaching patrols, not to mention ziplining, which is part of the check-in process for newly arrived guests who prefer a more exciting way to reach the resort than a simple ride on a vintage jeep.