THAI announces winter flight schedule 2022-23

From Oct 30, 2022 to March 25, 2023, Thai Airways International Plc (THAI) is operating flights on 34 European, Australian and Asian routes with increased frequencies on selected routes.

Flight details are as follows:

Intercontinental routes (return flights):

1. Bangkok-London: twice daily flights.

2. Bangkok-Paris: daily flight.

3. Bangkok-Zurich: daily flight.

4. Bangkok-Frankfurt: twice daily flights.

5. Bangkok-Munich: daily flight.

6. Bangkok-Copenhagen: daily flight.

7. Bangkok-Stockholm: 5 flights per week from Bangkok on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  Friday and Sunday (*increased to daily from Dec 1, 2022).

8. Bangkok-Sydney: daily flight.

9. Bangkok-Melbourne: daily flight.

Regional routes (return flights):

1. Bangkok-Tokyo (Narita): twice daily flights.

2. Bangkok-Tokyo (Haneda): daily flight.

3. Bangkok-Nagoya: daily flight.

4. Bangkok-Osaka: daily flight.

5. Bangkok-Fukuoka: daily flight.

6. Bangkok-Sapporo: daily flight. (*starting Dec 1, 2022)

7. Bangkok-Manila: twice daily flights.

8. Bangkok-Seoul: triple daily flights.

9. Bangkok-Taipei: daily flights. (*increased to twice daily from Jan 14, 2023)

10. Bangkok-Hong Kong: twice daily flights.

11. Bangkok-Singapore: triple daily flights.

12. Bangkok-Jakarta: twice daily flights.

13. Bangkok-Denpasar: daily flight.

14. Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur: twice daily flights.

15. Bangkok-Kolkata: daily flight. (*starting Jan 1, 2023)

16. Bangkok-Chennai: daily flight.

17. Bangkok-Hyderabad: daily flight.

18. Bangkok-Bengaluru: daily flight.

19. Bangkok-New Delhi: every day, 22 flights per week (*Flight TG335 departs from Bangkok on Friday)

20. Bangkok-Mumbai: daily flight. (*increased to 11 flights per week from Jan 1, 2023) 

21. Bangkok-Dhaka: every day, 10 flights per week (*Flight TG339 departs from Bangkok on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday)

22. Bangkok-Lahore: 5 flights per week from Bangkok on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

23. Bangkok-Islamabad: 4 flights per week from Bangkok on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

24. Bangkok-Karachi: daily flight.

25. Bangkok-Jeddah: 4 flights per week from Bangkok on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (*increased to daily from Jan 1, 2023) 

For more information, reservations, ticketing and updated flight schedules, please visit, sales offices, and sales agents nationwide, call (+66) 2-356-1111 for THAI Contact Center (24 hours a day).

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