Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya

Landing on the much-loved Pattaya beach, visitors can envision themselves aboard an ultramodern spaceship for an exhilarating intergalactic adventure right out of a sci-fi blockbuster while spending the night at Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya.

It's a brainchild of LH Mall & Hotel to turn the bustling seaside town of Pattaya into an exceptional space centre in the Gulf of Thailand. Billing itself as the first space-themed hotel in Thailand, this recently opened property has incorporated cutting-edge multimedia technology, lighting designs and visual effects to create fresh exotic holiday experiences that encourage people of all ages to use their imagination.

Capitalising on successful ideas to establish itself as a tourist destination icon, this is a sister property of the airport terminal-themed Grande Centre Point Pattaya hotel and Terminal 21 shopping mall.

Design and Facilities

Designed under a space-travel theme, the hotel structure is shaped to look like a space shuttle and sports a kinetic facade made of 30,000 pieces of perforated metal that can react to wind currents to give the appearance of rolling waves.

Palmer and Turner (Thailand) was in charge of architectural design utilising 3D software to create a collection of 490 spacious rooms and suites with private balconies, from which guests can take in the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand and sunsets. There are five room types to choose from -- Space Deluxe, Space Premium, Space Connex, Space Suite and Space Suite Connex, with sizes ranging from 45m² to 133m².

Interior Vision is responsible for the interior designs that make visitors feel as if they're travelling in a spacecraft. When walking through the entrance, visitors may rub shoulders with Captain Kirk and Spock from Star Trek or the Guardians Of The Galaxy crew.

The lobby's shining metal walls, blue lighting and meteorite-inspired artwork hanging from the ceiling give an ethereal ambience, making it a great place for socialising and small talk during the day. A high-tech walkway with large 88m² touch-screen walls is a creative playground, where visitors can enjoy interactive adventure games to learn about the universe and planets.

Green Architects is behind the idea of innovative landscapes that display lighting at night to mimic the mesmerising colours of outer space. Outside, the Space Water Park imitates a lush galaxy oasis where a spaceship has landed, allowing passengers to explore a fabled woodland inspired by the sci-fi epic Avatar.

Spread over 12,000m², the water park is divided into four zones with different attractions. Families can unwind at the Mountain Zone by floating down the 330m Lazy River through the waterfall-like Cave Pool and Jungle Jacuzzi.

In the The Flying Rock Zone, giant 5m and 8m slides as well as a kids' splash tower will raise the heart rate before visitors can relax in the Space Pirate Beach Zone. You can ride the artificial waves and recharge your batteries with some street food and drinks for light meals.

The Planet Zone is packed with a solar system-inspired mini golf course, the Planet Pool and Amphitheater, in which families can enjoy foam parties and entertaining activities. Check in at Astro Club if you don't want to get wet. Its cockpit-inspired decor together with an assortment of fun computer games, board games and table games make it a favourite gathering spot for people of all ages. Those wanting to burn calories can visit the Gravity Fit Club, which combines cutting-edge training equipment from Technogym wellness innovations with plug-in entertainment applications for amateurs and experts. You can carry on with your fitness routine while admiring the striking views of Pattaya Bay and the sunsets.

Located on the 7th floor, Let's Relax Onsen & Spa brings visitors back to Earth with a cosy Japanese-style interior decor. Occupying more than 3,000m², it's Pattaya's first 360-degree seaview onsen with five pools offering different soak experiences. It also offers its "Akasuri scrub service" to soothe your body and spirit.

My Room

I spent one night in a 45m² Space Premium room designed to resemble a spaceship cabin. To create a space-like atmosphere, the room is decorated with silver, black and white accents, while a floor-to-ceiling glass door lets in natural light from sunrise to sunset.

I took in my surroundings and visualised scenes from the romantic sci-fi film Passengers by Morten Tyldum. The room is convenient with a huge 55-inch smart television with satellite channels and access to entertaining apps. A laid-back living area provides a sofa bed and a work desk with USB hubs and plug outlets. There's a mini bar with tea- and coffee-making facilities on the other side.

I discovered that the best view at night was from a comfortable king-size bed, where I could lay down and observe a group of dazzling stars on the ceiling as the lights above the bed changed colours to mimic the aurora borealis.

With a large glass window, the bathroom is spacious enough to house a bathtub, a separate rain shower and toilet. An advanced touch-screen mirror with a weather forecast is installed on the counter basin.


From 6-10.30am, Sola/Luna rooftop restaurant serves a breakfast buffet with a variety of culinary alternatives in Thai, Western, Chinese and Japanese styles. Braised pork rice, fish noodles, chicken gravy rice, shrimp congee, tonkatsu and pan-fried egg with toppings are a few of the favourites. There's also a salad bar, pastries, cold cuts and cheese on offer.


Sitting in the heart of North Pattaya, Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya is 800m from the beach and surrounded with trendy cafes, restaurants, convenient stores, shopping venues and other tourist attractions. It's easy to get around without a car.

The hotel offers a wide range of leisure activities, making it perfect for families to spend quality time together. For direct booking, room rates begin at 8,000 baht and include breakfast and Wi-Fi.

Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya is at 888, Pattaya, Chon Buri, 20150. Call 033-268-888 or visit

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