Tuk tuk driver, biker 'colluded' to steal tourist bag

A Hong Kong tourist posted a video of motorcyclist stealing his bag containing money and important documents while he was riding a three-wheeled tuk-tuk in Bangkok.

The video was first posted on GOtrip's Facebook page on Saturday.

The tourist suspected that the tuk-tuk driver might be colluding with the biker as he appeared to make a hand signal seconds before the bag was snatched. The poster wrote that his bag contained 13,000 baht, 1,000 Hong Kong dollars, his passport and other documents.

Pol Col Atchayon Kraithong, deputy chief of the Tourist Police Division, said on Sunday that the motorbike's licence plate was clearly seen in the video. Police will track down the biker and the tuk-tuk driver.

Social media members who watched the video commented that many Thai tuk-tuk drivers generally have tricks up their sleeves. Some would take passengers on a detour so they can overcharge them, while others would simply refuse to accept Thai passengers in central Bangkok.

Video credit: Facebook user GOTrip

Published: 10 Jul 2016