Officer gently cuffs sleeping suspect

A video of a policeman trying to handcuff a sleeping suspect has been widely circulated on social media, with lots of praise being directed at the officer for taking a soft approach during the arrest.

In the 46-second clip, which was first posted on Thailand's Police Story Facebook page on Saturday, the police officer tries to quietly handcuff Phakdi Aksornpin, who was accused of assault and stealing Buddha images, while he was sleeping in his bedroom.

The officer made a hand gesture, telling his colleague who was filming the arrest, not to make any noise.As the suspect sluggishly woke up and appeared confused, the handcuffs were already on his wrists.

The officer then removed his blanket and told him to stay quiet.

Social media users praised the officer for using a non-violent approach, while some others wrote that the officer was taking the situation too lightly as there might be a firearm under the suspect's blanket.

Published: 15 Mar 2015