Women behind the wheel

A video of a woman applying make-up with both hands while driving a car on a Bangkok road has drawn heavy criticism in the online community.

It was recorded by another woman, a passenger sitting next to the driver.

The passenger was holding the steering wheel with one hand and recording the incident with the other. The driver's feet were still on the pedals.

The driver explained that she had to apply her make-up then and there because it was "rush hour" and she didn't have any other time to do it.

Netizens said the driver was irresponsible and negligent behind the wheel, and so was the woman who took the video.

One of them sarcastically said the driver was applying make-up to make the mortician's job easier when she crashes her car.

Another asked why the passenger didn't just take over and drive the vehicle.

On Thursday, the driver, who said she is a model, posted a message on her Facebook page, saying the traffic was bad at the time and she was not speeding. The car was on the left lane, she added.

Video credit: @เปี๊ยก ไรเดอร์ V2

Published: 2 May 2015