Bouncers assault tourists in Phuket

Several security guards were filmed beating up two foreign tourists in Phuket and the video and has quickly gone viral.

Facebook user Wichian Juajun posted the 48-second video and explained that nasty incident occurred outside a nightclub in Soi Bangla, Patong Beach, on Wednesday night.

The footage shows several men wearing black shirts raining kicks, punches and elbows on two foreign men, who were clearly outnumbered and did not fight back.

The foreigners appeared to ask the guards to stop and the two sides then went different ways.

The video poster did not say why the men were attacked.

After the video went online, many netizens criticised the security guards being so violent and damaging Thailand's tourism image.

Hours later, a threatening message was posted on the page, demanding the person who put up the video immediately remove it.

"Is this video yours? Please delete it. Your Facebook friends are also my friends. It's not difficult to find you," the Facebook user warned.

Police have yet to comment.

Video credit: Facebook user วิเชียร เจือจุน

Published: 8 Oct 2015