'Martian' on the phone warns of doomsday

Have you heard any aliens speaking? Yes, the extraterrestrial kind.

At a seminar on the science of consciousness at a Bangkok university last month, Prof Theppanom Muangman, 80, told dozens of participants that he was able to contact a 'Martian' through his smartphone. He put the call on speakerphone as the audience gathered around him in curiosity.

The Harvard graduate, known for his research into aliens and UFOs, told the crowd he was talking through a woman interpreter who claimed she could communicate with beings from outer space. The conversation was heard in both Thai and 'Martian' languages.

During the conversation, the "Martian", speaking through the interpreter, warned that the human race is in danger and more natural disasters will occur across the world, including Thailand.

The "Martian" said the economy will not get better in 2016 and urged people to do good deeds.

The out-of-this-world conversation was captured on video by one of the audience members and was later posted on social media by Facebook user, with a "viewer's discretion advised" warning.

The video drew mostly scoffs and ridicule from net users.

Netizens wrote that the "Martian" was probably high on drugs and asked whether there were any dogs on Mars, because they heard dogs barking during the conversation.

A YouTube user sarcastically commented that the US space agency Nasa would be impressed by this "breakthrough".

People also wondered if Prof Theppanom was trying to mislead the audience, and how he would benefit from it.

However, after the video went viral Facebook user wrote:

"I feel for the doctor, after reading the comments in Facebook. The doctor does not gain anything from this and his health is deteriorating. At least, he makes us understand how Thais perceive this issue. Like the issue of ghosts and spirits, it is up to your own discretion. Some people choose to believe, while others don't because they haven't experienced it. That's not unusual."

Prof Theppanom made headlines four years ago when he claimed that aliens had warned him the next World War will start before 2017.

Video credit: Facebook user

Published: 13 Jan 2016