Cat strangled in threat to girlfriend

A man posted a video of himself strangling a cat to get his girlfriend's attention. However, it also captured the attention of police and social media users.

The video of the helpless kitty, named Latte, being choked for almost 10 seconds was shared more than 10,000 times within an hour after it was posted on the man's Facebook page on Monday. The cat shrieked after he threw it down on the floor. Two other cats were seen in the video.

"If you don't pickup my phone call, I'll strangle it till death," the boyfriend wrote.

Facebook user Minworasra Kreenapa wrote that she was a friend of the cat strangler's girlfriend.

"The man wanted his girlfriend in Bangkok to return to Kanchanaburi, but she refused because she wanted to break up with him. The man made the video and threatened to kill the cat if she continued to refuse him," Minworasra wrote.

On Tuesday, police and volunteers from Watchdog Thailand went to the boyfriend's home and found that the three cats were alive and well.

The man, who runs an auto care business, told police that he owns the cats and he can do anything to them.

Facebook user Minworasra wrote the cats belonged to the woman but she had to leave them with her boyfriend because pets are not allowed in her dormitory.

Most net users blamed the boyfriend for taking his anger out on the cat, as the animal had nothing to do with his personal problem.

Video credit: Facebook user Oak Kumiko

Photo credit: Facebook users Minworasara Kreenapa and Watchdog Thailand

Published: 23 Feb 2016