Teacher: You look like hilltribe children

<p><span style="font-size: 16px;">A high-school student on Wednesday posted a video of her teacher striking her classmates in the head because he did not want them to look like hilltribe children.</span></p>

"This happened at a renowned school in Pathum Thani province," the student wrote. "The teacher did not want the students to wear warm clothes when they lined up in the morning to sing the national anthem, because they would resemble hilltribe children.

"Nothing will happen to the teacher. At most, the school director will just have a quick talk with him and everything's settled. We, students, can't do much."

The video shows several students standing in front of the blackboard in a classroom. The teacher shouted at them, called out their names, and hit them hard in the head.

Net users criticised the teacher for using "excessive force" against the students, and accused him of looking down upon children living in the hills and poor people.

Video credit: Facebook user Keerati Moon

Published: 24 Feb 2016