Confrontation in Osaka

A Japanese man confronted a group of Thai tourists after one of them bumped into him in Osaka's Dotonbori shopping district.

A video of the incident, recorded by one of the tourists on May 30, shows the Japanese man continuing to provoke the Thais by shouting and shoving them as they tried to avoid a confrontation. At one stage he kicked one of the tourists, but there was no retaliation.

"To sum it all up, we filed a report with the Japanese police. The Japanese man also filed a report. He withdrew his report after realising that we have video evidence. End of story," the video poster wrote on his Facebook account.

After the post went viral, a social media member said he encountered the same Japanese man when he visited Osaka last year and that he was trying to extort money from foreigners.

Most net users praised the Thai tourists for not resorting to violence and commented that thugs would quickly back away when victims shouted for help in tourist destinations and crowded places.

Video credit: Facebook user เที่ยวญี่ปุ่นกับไกด์เล็กจัง

Published: 1 Jun 2016