Major football stadium tragedies

Major football stadium tragedies

At least 174 Indonesians died in stampede when police tear-gassed fans invading football pitch.
At least 174 Indonesians died in stampede when police tear-gassed fans invading football pitch.

PARIS: The stampede at a domestic football match in eastern Indonesia led to at least 174 deaths late on Saturday.

But is only the latest in a long line of football stadium tragedies.

AFP Sport highlights some of the worst:


May 24, 1964

- 320 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured during a stampede at a Peru-Argentina Olympic qualifier at Lima's National Stadium. Fans could not escape the crush and were trampled or asphyxiated.


October 20, 1982

- Mystery still surrounds the total number who died when there was a crush in a stairwell at the end of a UEFA Cup match between Spartak Moscow and Dutch side Haarlem at the Luzniki Stadium. Officially the toll remains at 66 -- 45 of them teenagers -- but according to daily newspaper Sovietski Sport, the numbers were far higher and 340 were killed.


May 9, 2001

- 126 people died in Accra at the end of a match between Hearts of Oaks and Kumasi, when Kumasi supporters, angered by their team's defeat, threw projectiles and broke chairs. Police threw tear-gas grenades, triggering a stampede.


April 15, 1989

- A crush in the stands at Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough Stadium led to the deaths of 97 Liverpool fans during an FA Cup semi-final with Nottingham Forest.

May 11, 1985

- 56 people were killed when a blaze broke out in wooden stands during a match between Bradford and Lincoln City.


October 16, 1996

- Around 80 spectators lost their lives after being crushed by fans piling into a stand at the Mateo Flores National Stadium for the 1998 World Cup qualifier between Guatemala and Costa Rica.


January 2, 1971

- 66 people were killed in a crush at the Ibrox Stadium during a Rangers-Celtic derby. It was the stadium's second disaster, after a stand collapsed in 1902, killing 26 people.


February 1, 2012

- The Port Said stadium tragedy in Egypt saw 74 people killed after clashes between rival sets of supporters of local club Al-Masry and Cairo-based Al-Ahly.

February 17, 1974

- 48 people died and 47 were injured when 80,000 people crammed into a stadium with a capacity of 40,000.


April 11, 2001

- 43 people died during a stampede at Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg during a match between the Orlando Pirates and the Kaizer Chiefs.

January 13, 1991

- 40 died in a crush at an Orlando Pirates-Kaizer Chiefs match.


29 May, 1985

- 39 people were killed at Heysel Stadium in Brussels when Juventus fans tried to flee Liverpool fans.


May 5, 1992

- 18 people died and more than 2,300 were injured when a terrace collapsed in Furiani stadium in Corsica.


January 24, 2022

- Eight people were killed and dozens more injured in a crush and stampede prior to an African Cup of Nations match between hosts Cameroon and the Comoros in Yaounde.

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