Should abortion be legalised?

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Should abortion be legalised?

Should abortion be legalised?

  • Start date:Nov 26, 2012
  • End date:Nov 28, 2012
  • Voters: 2,295 times
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know

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  • abbub

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    Discussion 15 : 26 Nov 2012 at 22.4715

    SPICEMAN here I for once agree, to a degree. There are other possibilities, like adoption.

    DAO writes: "Only religious zealots could possibly argue what a woman can and cant do with her own body"

    But as pointed out already, it is not the woman doing something to her body, but to the body of another person, the baby.

    A woman claiming the right to do with her body what she wants, is denying the baby that same right.

    Yet I think it should be legalized, as government had no business making it illegal in the first place. It is a moral/philosoical question. Sexual education (instead of trying to hide it) and open discussion are essential

  • Discussion 14 : 26 Nov 2012 at 22.0714

    It should be legal in case of rape, in case the (single) mother is an alcohol or drug addict, and in any other desperate circumstances. However, every case should be looked at individually e.g. to see if it would be possible for family members to assume responsibility over the yet unborn child. In such case abortion should be denied.

  • Discussion 13 : 26 Nov 2012 at 21.3813


    While it's a general question, I suspect it was intended to mean in Thailand. So your suggestion of putting the baby up for adoption, which still requires a woman (more likely a girl) to carry an unwanted child for 9 months with all that means to her life is sefish and inappropriate.
    Orphanages in Thailand are full to bursting and nobody's lined up to adopt. Thais are superstitious about taking a child that isn't their blood.

  • genii

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    Discussion 12 : 26 Nov 2012 at 20.5412

    Entirely up to the woman she is the one that has to live with her deeds. I'm just gald my mom did not abort me or I would not be here today to enjoy all this.

  • Discussion 11 : 26 Nov 2012 at 20.2411

    I never knew it was illegal.

  • Discussion 10 : 26 Nov 2012 at 18.5510

    Given the way kids cheese me off, I'd suggest it's not just legalised, it should be compulsory.

  • Discussion 9 : 26 Nov 2012 at 17.539

    Khun Kenny #4, did Buddha said "You shall not kill?" If his most serious prohibition among all the sinful acts can be so easily dismissed, what good is the rest of his teaching? And, I didn't know that being Buddhists is a part-time thing!

  • Discussion 8 : 26 Nov 2012 at 17.398

    Khun BKK-Farang #7, they can put their unwanted children up for adoption. There are countless childless couples here in the US who are desperately wanting to adopt and raise them as their own. Give life a chance, will you?

  • Discussion 7 : 26 Nov 2012 at 16.527

    Children are not born and self-sufficient, normally the parents have to spent many years to feed them, protect them, make sure they go to school, etc. It costs a lot of time, effort and money to raise healthy children. So what is won if abortion is illegal?
    If a mother wants the child and is able to take care of it, fine. If she knows already that she has no husband, no money and she just does not want a child I think it is better for all concerned if there is not another unhappy child in this world.

  • dao

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    Discussion 6 : 26 Nov 2012 at 14.286

    By the way good topic this time .


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