Should abortion be legalised?

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Should abortion be legalised?

Should abortion be legalised?

  • Start date:Nov 26, 2012
  • End date:Nov 28, 2012
  • Voters: 2,295 times
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know

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  • dao

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    Discussion 5 : 26 Nov 2012 at 14.275

    Only religious zealots could possibly argue what a woman can and cant do with her own body .Its not the middle ages . The governemnt refuses to teach sex education and then makes it impossible to get an abortion .What a backward mentality .If it really is that hard for you to figure out than look to more modern countries for a model .

  • Discussion 4 : 26 Nov 2012 at 14.174

    As Buddhists the answer should be NO, however as disc2 has pointed out this question primarily impacts those in the low socio-economic group. What is better legal hospital abortion or back street amateur, or an unwanted baby (potently abused), increased poverty in the family or of the mother? The choice should really be with the mother not the bureaucrat's and politicians. So it should be decriminalized and doctors at their discretion allowed to perform abortions.

  • Discussion 3 : 26 Nov 2012 at 13.083

    It is human right issue, not gov't policy. Stop controlling women rights.

  • robins

    ThailandPost : 1,863

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    Discussion 2 : 26 Nov 2012 at 11.492

    Abortion laws only impact the poor, any elite or middle class woman with a problem pregnancy can quietly take a vacation to China or Singapore where abortion is legal. Sadly this unjust aspect seldom receives the attention it deserves.

  • Discussion 1 : 26 Nov 2012 at 11.471

    I think the question that should be asked is whether killing babies right in their mothers' wombs should be legalized?


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