Do you believe Thailand is the most dangerous country in Asia?

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Do you believe Thailand is the most dangerous country in Asia?

Do you believe Thailand is the most dangerous country in Asia?

  • Start date:Dec 8, 2012
  • End date:Dec 10, 2012
  • Voters: 2,792 times
  • Yes
  • No
  • never been there

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  • Discussion 10 : 08 Dec 2012 at 22.4710

    D#3 jose72.

    A total of over 10% of the BP readers have never been to Thailand

    Where do you come by your facts? Amazing Thailand, and those that it draws....

  • Discussion 9 : 08 Dec 2012 at 22.449

    I agree from a Farang stand point. This little postage stamp of a country should be labeled "Dangerous." The vast majority of Thai's are sneaky, little creatures not to be trusted and should be watched until they are not in sight. The few that fall out from this big group are truly good people and it is too sad that this country has become the way that it is today.

  • Discussion 8 : 08 Dec 2012 at 19.128

    Say what you will, but to say that Thailand is the most dangerous country in Southeast Asia, let alone all of Asia is absurd.

  • lek

    ThailandPost : 1,525

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    Discussion 7 : 08 Dec 2012 at 18.077

    I think the question should have said "South East Asia". Asia is a fairly wide area, spreading from Turkey to Japan.

  • Discussion 6 : 08 Dec 2012 at 16.386

    May be after North Korea, and Myanmar. In Thailand, if you know what Color to wear when in different provinces, you have little to worry about.

  • Discussion 5 : 08 Dec 2012 at 16.165

    Well Thailand is definately getting increasingly divided and that does not bring safety or a feel of security. Both sides must share the blame, but that won't be acknowledged on this site. As for scams, take out offences to single guys hanging around bars and I doubt if Thailand is any different to other S/E Asia countries.

  • dao

    ThailandPost : 5,680

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    Discussion 4 : 08 Dec 2012 at 11.094

    It definitely has the most scams towards unsuspecting tourists which is too bad because TAT doesnt do a thing about it .

  • Discussion 3 : 08 Dec 2012 at 11.063

    Amazing Thailand.
    A total of over 10% of the BP readers have never been to Thailand.

  • nui

    ThailandPost : 1,448

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    Discussion 2 : 08 Dec 2012 at 10.012

    If a former democratically elected statesman, who is one of the more honest politician in Thailand, is being charged with murder while doing his job, YES this country has become very dangerously. Convicted criminals running this country from overseas and honest politicians in Thailand are being charged with murder.

  • Discussion 1 : 08 Dec 2012 at 09.031

    This question is actually too broad. Do you mean dangerous from crime, bad-drivers, poor infrastructure, political instability etc.? Are you excluding N. Korea? If one just looks at crime, Thailand has become increasing more dangerous over the last 10 years. But, it is still much safer than China and the Philippines. In Manila, guards armed with M16s protect such places as 7/11 and MacDonalds and police routinely carry shotguns and automatic weapons while patrolling the streets.


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