Hands off students' hair, teachers told

Hands off students' hair, teachers told

Education Minister Trinuch Thienthong on Sunday affirmed teachers have no right to cut students' hair as a punishment for breaking hairstyle rules.

Ms Trinuch said there is no ministerial regulation that allows teachers to punish students who break hairstyle rules by cutting their hair in a way that leaves students feeling humiliated.

The minister said there are, however, regulations which allow some students to carry a certain hairstyle which meets the demand of their courses, such as dramatic arts and dance.

Ms Trinuch said permissible punishments against students vary, from issuing verbal warnings, to giving demerit points, to having them participate in activities to correct the misbehaviour.

"Nowhere in the rule book is there a stipulation that lets teachers take the matter into their own hands and cut the student's hair as a form of punishment," the education minister said.

Ms Trinuch said discipline is necessary in an education environment.

However, a haircut by the teacher has no place in schools.

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  • demand: to require something, e.g., a lot of skill, patience, effort, etc. - ต้องการ (ความสามารถและความอดทนความพยายาม)
  • discipline: the practice of training people to obey rules and orders and punishing them if they do not; the controlled behaviour or situation that results from this training - ระเบียบวินัย  
  • humiliated: made to feel so ashamed - รู้สึกเสียเกียรติ
  • ministerial: involving government ministers - ระดับรัฐมนตรี
  • misbehaviour (noun): behaving badly - การประพฤติตนไม่สมควร
  • permissible: allowed; that is allowed, especially by law or by a set of rules - ที่อนุญาตได้
  • punish: to make somebody suffer because they have broken the law or done something wrong - ทำโทษ
  • punishment: an act or a way of punishing somebody - การลงโทษ
  • regulation: an official rule that controls the way that things are done - ระเบียบข้อบังคับ
  • stipulation (noun): a clear statement that something must be done, or how it must be done - การกำหนดเงื่อนไข
  • vary: to be different in different situations - ปรวนแปร, เปลี่ยนแปลง, แตกต่าง
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