Oil slick threatens Bang Saen

A helicopter sprays dispersants on an oil slick off Sri Racha district of Chon Buri on Tuesday. (Photo: Pongpat Wongyala)
A helicopter sprays dispersants on an oil slick off Sri Racha district of Chon Buri on Tuesday. (Photo: Pongpat Wongyala)

The oil slick from Thai Oil's ruptured offshore pipeline will not reach Pattaya but may affect Koh Si Chang and Bang Saen beach, according to the provincial governor.

He said on Monday night that the strong wind would probably wash some of the oil up on Si Chang island and part of Bang Saen beach.

Its impact would be limited because the amount of leaked crude was small and swift action was taken to contain and control it, he said.

Officials earlier said the oil slick could reach Bang Saen beach on Sunday.

The Marine Department said that the oil spill happened when a Panama-registered tanker was pumping crude into a main pipeline operated by Thai Oil at a jetty in the sea off Sri Racha.

The leak lasted about five minutes and about 60,000 litres of crude leaked into the sea.

About 8,000 litres of dispersants were used to break up and sink the oil. There  was no oil slick visible near Si Chang island on Tuesday morning, the department said.

The deputy governor of Chon Buri said more than 80% of the oil spill was already dealt with, but there could still later be oil washed up on beaches in Sri Racha, Bang Saen and Bang Phra areas.

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  • crude (noun): oil that is still in its natural state and has not yet been refined for use by chemical processes - น้ำมันดิบ
  • dispersant (noun): a chemical that is used to make some substance "disperse" or move away from an area - ตัวกระจาย
  • impact (noun): an effect or influence - ผลกระทบ
  • jetty (noun): a wall or platform built out into the sea, a river, etc, where boats can be tied and where people can get on and off boats - ท่าเทียบเรือ
  • leak: (of a liquid or gas) to flow out of a hole or crack - รั่ว
  • pipeline: a series of pipes that are usually underground and are used for carrying oil, gas, etc. over long distances - ท่อส่งผ่านน้ำมันปิโตรเลียมหรือก๊าซธรรมชาติ
  • slick (noun): an area of oil or waste that is floating on the surface of the sea - ผิวลื่นเป็นมัน
  • spill: the amount of liquid that comes or falls out of a container - สิ่งที่หกล้น
  • swift: quick - อย่างรวดเร็ว
  • tanker (noun): a large ship used to carry oil by sea from place to place - เรือบรรทุก
  • threaten: to be likely to harm or destroy something - เป็นลางร้าย
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