TEST YOURSELF: Come fly with me

TEST YOURSELF: Come fly with me

Photo courtesy of Guru Magazine
Photo courtesy of Guru Magazine

Get an in-flight experience on the ground

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Read the following story by Eric E Surbano from the Bangkok Post’s Guru Magazine. Then, answer the questions that follow.

Of the many things that we've lost during this pandemic, the ability to get on a plane is among the biggest. Even if you did manage to book a flight, it involves so much paperwork and cost, coupled with the fear of the virus, it's not worth it unless in an emergency.

Thankfully, Bangkok has a few places that will remind you what it's like to be on airplanes. Cure your longing for air travel by visiting a few.


Thai Airways opened a restaurant last year where customers can sit in airplane seats to eat airplane food. Though Thai Airways has been selling some of their in-flight fare at Puff & Pie stores, this is the closest you'll get to flying on Thai Airways without actually being in the sky. The food comes at a decent price like their Caesar salad, which is priced at B99.
8am-2pm / Vibhavadi Road / Call 02-356-1666, visit ThaiCatering.com.

747 CAFE

An iconic 747 plane is in its full glory at 747 Cafe, on a field in Lat Krabang. The aircraft is complete with a cockpit and hollowed out jet engines, both of which are perfect IG photo opportunities. While you'll spend a majority of your time taking pictures at every corner of the plane, you'll also be able to enjoy their menu, which consists of a variety of drinks like Italian sodas and teas.
10am-7pm / Luang Phaeng Road, Lat Krabang / Call 082-621-3520, visit fb.com/747CafeLadkrabang.


331 Station at Chon Buri has two planes that have been transformed into unique coffee shops. Having opened a year ago, the land was originally used as an aircraft warehouse until the owner turned it into a coffee shop. The coffee shop is on the plane and it's a worthy road trip and should make for a fun visit.
8am-6pm / Phlu Ta Luang, Chon Buri / Call 083-111-9595, visit fb.com/331Station.


Much like the previous locations on this list, MD-82 Cafe is found within a refurbished plane where guests can chill, enjoy food and sip on drinks. But one thing that sets MD-82 Cafe apart is its cannabis-infused menu. Not only do their drinks come laced with hemp but some of them are even served in bongs. They don't just have drinks either: pizzas and pastas are on the menu as well.
Noon-11pm / On Nut Road / Call 064-936-3936, visit fb.com/MD82Cafe.

Section 1: Write the correct answer in the space provided.
1. How much is the Thai airways Caesar salad? …………….
2. Which cafe sells Italian soda? …………….
3. Which cafe does not have a Facebook page? …………….
4. Which cafe also sells its food in other places? …………….
5. Which cafe area used to be a warehouse?…………..
6. Which cafe stays open the latest? …………….

Section 2: Read the following passage. Then, fill in the blanks with the correct words from the choices given.
Na-Oh Bangkok is the …7… one out of the bunch. It's found in a large, silver plane inside Changchui. But Na-Oh …8… serve airplane food, drinks or just pastries. Its …9… description on the FB page is a "Futuristic-based dining restaurant that …10… innovations of food and cultures.”
7. __A. odd             __B. even                __C. only
8. __A. hasn’t                 __B. didn’t               __C. doesn’t
9. __A. officer            __B. official               __C. efficient
10. __A. promote            __B. promotes                __C. promotion

Section 3: Find words that match the following definitions.
11. a feeling of wanting something very much ……………
12. very well-known, famous or popular ……………
13. made to look fresh and new again ……………
14. a part of the cannabis plant …………

Answers: 1. 99 baht. 2. 747 Cafe. 3. Thai Airways. 4. Thai Airways. 5. 331 Station. 6. MD-82. 7. a. 8. c. 9. b. 10. b. 11. longing. 12. iconic. 13. refurbished. 14. hemp.

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